Gmod Video options not saving on restart?

I noticed when i restart garry’s mod, The Video settings don’t save ;-;. I like to keep them low-medium range cause of my shit PC but now when ever i restart my Garry’s mod they reset back to high (Or whatever default), And changing them freezes the game from a good 1-2 minutes + sometimes i forget and im already in a game, Then i start lagging and notice “Oh crap, My settings are on high -_-”.

Just wondering if there is a way to fix this to make it stay its saved settings every time i restart my game.

(Yes, I hit apply i’m not that dumb so don’t ask “DID YOU HIT THE APPLY BUTTON?” it only happens after restarting)

EDIT 1: Still having problem now it also adds on to Resolution going to low on startup and along with console glitching out and not working/opening., Now Garry’s mod updated ;-; now i must wait to join any server because they have to update.

EDIT 2: This has been **** FIXED ** It was a simple launch problem i had -dxlevel 90 and -noborder on and that somehow glitched up my game so i took them off, Now just waiting servers to update.

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