Gmod video

Here’s my first gmod video, its not good really but if you would just watch it that would be much appreciated! Thanks!

cl_drawhud 0

It’s kinda bad… but for a first attempt, it’s ok, I guess.

Glass break sound was delayed, you need to be careful of having the health display on, try using more than one sound effect for hits, and the one fight section looked more like a dry hump session because it dragged on too long.

Other notes are: Try getting better camera angles, as the current ones are too bland, get better lighting in your scenes (again, the entire thing was bland and uninteresting).

Make something that you would want to watch yourself. If you say it’s not good, then it’s not good. If you know it’s bad, then make it better compared to releasing / uploading something you know is bad.

Thanks for the pointers ill try to make my next one better!