gmod video.

Okay my last thread didnt go so well but one player is helping me right now!
hes recording it as we speek.
SO I need supporters to support my/his video, you will be in the credits of the vid if you choose to support.


credits :woop:

Can you link or something , I have no idea what you’re talking about

the vid is not made yet so i just need you to say you support and then ill add you in the creds.

for the people that don’t know, this moron just wants people to contribute videos so that he can string them together and get some credit for it.

why the hell did you make another thread? because you weren’t getting any replies? you think that’s going to change? you’ve made a second one thinking that everyone knows what you’re talking about. it contains less information than your last one because you know your master plan will never work.

im building a fan base and i want these great users to be in my creds.


one day ill be known, but not today, some day…

Do it yourself.

i cant believe that no one wants in on the credits.

Why would anyone want to be there? Its not like the 20 people that will watch the video will give a fuck about the credits.

Why do ugly people make porn in their basement?

well id jump at the chance to be in someones video.

critical facepalm

Y r u guys like this? im vary nice to everyone and I didnt do anything wrong. I am completely stoned on this…

Uh… You mean “Stumped”.


We’re being like this because you want to get other people to do work for you without any reward whatsoever, giving lame excuses for why you can’t do it yourself.

first off im now getting people to support me im not asking for the deed to there houses, second, money and bad computer are not bad if there true, third, Im offering them to be in my credits.
what else can I give them? My liver?! my money!? comon!(I dont have money, none whatsoever.)

Is English your second, third, fourth, or unlearned language?

Ive been on the internet for a long time.

So, you’re just that stupid and don’t know proper grammar, nor proper punctuation, capitalization, or even basic sentence structure?