Gmod Videos - trying to get recognition

Hi all, I just signed up to Facepunch 5 minutes ago and have scanned all the forum rules and stuff like that so forgive me if I’m doing something wrong.

I’ve been trying to make decent Gmod stuff for a while now and am only just getting to grips with some of the advanced methods used to make good quality stuff. Ulitimately I’m working toward one of those Gmod comedy/skecth video series. (ie. Idiots of Gmod or Gmod Idiot box)

Please have a look at these videos and tell me if they’re in any way worthy of turning into something good. Or tell me if I have a long way to go :frowning:

Ps. I know they feature another Gmod’ers characters but I actually asked them permision to use them so its all legit :slight_smile:

Wrong section, but i really liked first one although it had some really bad voiceacting

i liked the tank going through the fire , good ideas, needs better execution.

thanks for the feedback
I know the voice acting is disgracfull, I will try to get better actors in on my next video (or just use sound clips all the way)

I also have some Gmod scenes that I’ll post in a later thread. (Just checking that this is the right place for that kind of stuff right?)

Very nice vids! I enjoyed them much.

I quite enjoyed the first video. The Tekken music is awesome.

I was wandering when someone would pick up on the music :slight_smile:
Yeah, the first video is my most recent and therfore (or should be) much better