Gmod VIPVA promo

This is Vanez07. A friend of mine and I have created a Gmod gaming community. Visit us at You can simply fill out the quick registration form and apply on our forums today. As a communtiy we are going to do as much as possible to make Gmod gaming more fun for u. We will be hosting our own tournaments and contests. The tournaments consist of free for all deathmatch, best build, and sugestions from u. We are new as of 4/19/2010. The only thing so far that is up is our website that we are still working on, we will be getting ventrilo, and getting our own servers, all by the beggining of summer. stop on by at our website. we are in need of gamers and we are based on RESPECT. we are accepting applications: admin apllications, and media apllications. This is a very good oportunity. Come now and get noticed before our servers go up. So far our communtiy consists of: Founder/Owner/ administrator- ShadowViper, Co-Founder/ administrator- me “Vanez07” , and Director/ website owner/ editor- Mike. We are willing to take any suggestions which u can post on our forums and I hope to see u there. once again

thank you,
Co-Owner/ Administrator of VIPVA- Vanez07