GMOD virus free yet?

That Lua virus gone yet?

Which one?

The noxious one. I think it was lol.lua

Don’t know really, it’s probably hanging around on some fake shady NoxiousNet server.

Been gone for maybe 2 or 3 months.

If you keep the fuck away from servers that don’t look legit it was virus free anyway.

Gmod has viruses!?


…Well it makes sense,now when I think about it.

I’m pretty sure every program CAN have a virus. But if there was a really big one it would just get deleted or patched over pretty quick.

You can never be sure, always keep out on the look out.

Can I ask how joining a specific server gives you virusses?

Well you download files such as lua viruses which fuck up yor gmod and sometimes destroy yo computer. They are found in the Lua Temp file in your gmod filess.
Just delete that file when theres a problem.

There are no lua viruses out there that can do any of the shit you’re saying.
There are no “lua viruses” out there now.

They can’t destroy your computer, are you stupid?

The most it can do is just fool around with your GMod, not break it.

I never encountered a virus with GMod…what are you talking about?

There’s no true lua virii anymore. Ever since Gmod 10 was released the worst you can do is make a shitload of text files. Now, back in the good old Gmod 9 days was a fun time for Lua coders. :smiley:

That virus must have affected his brain.

I though gmod was virus free since version 10 was released.

It is.

It’s just some idiots downloading some lua which makes them spam the chat with something random. Then they go " I HAS VIROOZ"

I have given up on I got to now, much better, its still in beta, but It has a voting and commenting system, and it seperates it all out excelently.

It was on 1 fake server, shesh.