GMod Virus

I have a virus attached to GMod (Garry’s Mod) and whenever I try to open it up it instantly attaches to GMod, making me have to restart my computer, and when I DO try to open it, it says “Failed to start game, missing executable”, so yes. I do have a problem.

We need way more information than that.


so because you’re missing the executable you think you have a virus or you have a virus thats breaking the executable.

Verify your game files so i can confirm its not your own stupidity.

If you are sure you have a virus run malware bytes

What is done


Done. As in, i’m done with your shit. Didn’t you know asking for more information is a racial slur here on FP? :smiley:

But seriously, We need more info. If you think you have a virus, Run malwarebytes. Otherwise, Re-install gmod entirely. It won’t hurt you that much to spend an hour downloading it and your addons at most. If it still happens, then give us the new info you get, and we will see what we can do.

-snip- too harsh

anyway the rule for descriptive thread titles should extend to OPs too in light of this

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P.S. Not all viruses can be detected, especially not by free Anti-Viruses. People who make or c+p the virus could encrypt them leaving them undetected by certain AVs.