GMod Voice Chat Instant Crash : HELP!

System Hardware Specs :
-Processor : Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00Ghz
-RAM : 3 GB
-Graphics Card : Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT
-Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 23-bit

Addons :
-Condition SWEPS
-falco’s small scripts
-hl2 realistic weapons 4.0
-mad cows weapons
-Sickness Models
-Vehicle Pack
-YouTube player
-Catmull-Rom Cameras

  • And… Various other SWEPS, maps etc…

Issue :
I recently downgraded from Windows 7, to Windows XP, and downloaded the Drivers which same to be the right ones from an Acer support site (Yes, i use an Acer notebook to play games. Model : Aspire 6930 ), after finishing the driver installations, i decided testing out CSS first… Everything worked fine and dandy, from mic to non laggy game-play, everything was alright… So was DOD, and TF2, and Other source games. Of course except GMod… Which had a weird issue, which I’m about to explain now :

  • Whenever i connect a server and play, everything is alright. But when i try to speak by holding the voice chat key, Garry’s Mod instantly crashes, tried it again without talking, but the players using voice chat on the server also instantly crashed me. Its weird because there is no error message, and this did not happen in Windows 7. (I still haven’t tested Single Player assuming everything will work fine since you cannot use voice chat in Single Player)

"HELP!". Any assistance is appreciated.

I think the question you’re going to get is why the fuck did you downgrade from 7 to XP

Over that, several things to try:

1: Clean gMod and try again
2: Uninstall drivers via Device Manager, restart, reinstall, try again
3: You may well have a system where the drivers only work reliably on 7 instead of XP. What OS did the laptop come preloaded with?

I’m gonna try your steps, but firstly gonna answer your questions.

Q:“Why the fuck did you downgrade from 7 to XP
A: I assumed Windows XP will be much more less laggy, cause sometimes i had awful lags. Infact it worked, CSS is much more less laggier, I’m having an FPS of 90 in XP instead of 30 which i had in 7…

Q:“What OS did the laptop come perloaded with?
A: Vista, then upgraded to Windows 7, then downgraded to Windows XP (Using a Kill Disk).

I’m gonna try what you said and edit this post…*

Did not work.





Try typing “unbind [voicechat button]” in console, then re-binding it in the keyboard options.


I once had both noclip and startmovie bound to V for some reason

-bump- for issue not solved yet.

Got the error message…

it says : " **The instruction at “0x12cdc04d” referenced memory at “0x0ca20454”. The memory could not be “read”. ** "

Also - bump -

GMod is now getting worse, its beginning to crash at server joining, and when i press “Shift + Tab” to go on the Steam In-Game features.

Okay blame the audio driver. Solution. Never use a craptop again.
Solution 2. Update drivers or roll back to factory drivers.