Gmod VPS's.

I’m looking to buy a VPS to host a Garry’s Mod community, I’ve looked at a few, like Vultr, ElHostingServices, and NFOServers.
I’ve been thinking of getting a VPS at ElHostingServices, but I’m new to VPS’s and not sure about it, this is the plan I might be getting:

But I’m wondering how good would this be, how many slots would it be able to do, and how many servers?
And whether or not it’s worth the price.

127 players

It depends on how many servers you will be hosting, how many addons, what gamemode it is and if you will be hosting anything else on the vps.

That’s a shitty deal. GMod relies on single core CPU performance. RAM isn’t really a factor. As well as this you can get the exact same deal for £3 cheaper from OVH ( so honestly it looks like that site is a massive scam. I recommend for VPSes since they’re really fucking cheap but they are pretty powerful. I’d go with the $14 plan if I was you, It’ll easily host 2 servers with ~48 players. It served me well when I played DarkRP.

tl;dr for gmod cpu > ram

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Yeah do not buy from ELHostingServices, they’re just reselling OVH servers for +£3 extra.


They even resell their fucking dedis lol

I know it’s been several months since this was posted but I just want to clear this up. At the time we offered VPS servers and dedicated servers from OVH as we were an official partner. Now that is no longer the case. We’ve stopped selling standalone servers and instead offer a VPS package with our custom panel. Sorry to bump this thread but we felt that we should explain our side as when people search for reviews they can stumble upon this.