Gmod vs HL2 player jump physics

Having played both Half Life 2 and Gmod, I noticed some differences in the way that the player jumps; for example, in Gmod, the player jumps higher than in hl2 at the same gravity level (sv_gravity) or maybe it’s just me, you are almost guaranteed to jump off a physics prop in hl2 but not in Gmod (sometimes you are stuck on the prop), and when crouch jumping, in hl2, you can uncrouch at anytime in the air, but in gmod if you fall below your standing height, you have to hit the ground first to stand up.

Can anyone explain to me why that’s so? Is it a side effect of Gmod’s different player animation or something else? I played both games, I know there is a difference.

Gmod player models are bigger I’m pretty sure, it may seem like a higher jump for that reason.

I think that Garrys Mod has different settings. Because you run a lot faster than in css or other source games. You can tell you arent bigger in Garrys Mod because if you play on CSS maps you still seem reasonably balanced.

GMod players are faster an have a bigger hull size.

But what about the jump physics themselves? Why are they different?

EDIT: Sorry, to clarify, why is the crouch jumping and prop jumping different in hl2 and gmod? In hl2, I could even climb low obstacles, a la CoD (sorry for comparison), but not in gmod.

Because of the player’s size. GMod players jump higher than CS:S players, but lower than HL2 iirc.

What about the crouch jumping, where in gmod I have to hit the ground first if I fall below standing height while crouch-jumping?