Gmod was very great

this game is ultimate!

What do you mean “was”? That’s just plain rude.

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sbox gonna be even better :3

@ThaRealCamotrax hope so



i belive in garry <3

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sbox was disappointing, hopefully sbox 2 will be better

*We :wink:

S&Box One - DLC Episode 1 will do, we just have to wait a little bit longer for it, it will come out soon surely.

I think even after S&box out GMOD will continue to be at the top of online steam.

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Yes. S&box will need time to grow content and community.

sbox will lack the years of content gmod has built up. honestly it feels like humanity is about to collectively go back in time and everyone will be doing unnecessary work to rebuild everything.

bruh, its a new engine. gmods current mass of available content should not be an argument against sbox.

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We’re also able to just import any assets thst gmod can use. Only thing we’re really going to lose is the pile of scripts.

well competitively it is. if they want sbox to surpass gmod, this is something that wont win people over from gmod.

This will take some time, yes. But at some point s&box will surpass gmod.

Well, if gmod was a great game, you were a good player

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It surely can at one point in time, but that point in time will not be right after the release but like 2 or 3 years after it or even more, but that will of course heavily depend on the new games and addons created + how the community will look in that time, so let’s hope for the best really. But yeah s&box has the potential to surpass gmod but we shall see what time will show, maybe it will maybe it won’t who knows really.

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