gmod water texture

i wanna know where the water texture file is in gmod because when i download a new map for gmod the water is just white. also how do i fix it

it depends on who made the map. see people who make maps choose the texture from different ones, sometimes different games from the ones you own. What games do you own?

l4d, l4d2, portal, and team fortress 2. also i downloaded like 3 different maps made by different people and its the same prob. fat chance it was a coincidence

Do you have portal or tf2 mounted to gmod?




Mount them. Also, the water textures are probably from CSS, HL2:Ep1, or HL2:Ep2.

didnt work

alright im trying now

Any luck because I have this problem on a map

I get this problem on some maps, and I have TF2, DoD:S, CS:S, HL2, Hl2 Episode 1 and Episode 2. Maybe it’s a custom material from the map or a DivX probably if you’re using that. I have to start GMod with “-dxlevel 81” or else it crashes, so it’s probably that since he’s seeing white for the water, not purple and black missing textures.