GMod WAYWO Megathread (What are you working on?)

Show off your latest creations and whatever you are currently busy working on.


Made a super basic script that displays DarkRP laws on the hud in a non-intrusive way. Nothing fancy, but if you spend time on a DarkRP server you know how annoying it is to have the laws taking up 1/4 of your screen.


You should add so you can press a button to hide the laws if you’d like to.


Good idea! If you open context menu or activate mouse with F3 you would be able to click on the title bar “Laws of the Land” to close it.
I actually reworked this a bit to open and close with the context menu (default is C I believe) but I didn’t share since most servers actually use the context menu. In my case, we don’t use the context menu so I disabled all the default stuff with hook.Add(“ContextMenuEnabled”, “DisableContextStuff”, function() return false end) and we use the context key for player inventory and now these wonderful darkRP laws.

making a piano system that provides everything you need to make a playable piano like this one
this is a demo reel showing off its current state, and demonstrating a few MIDI songs playing through it

it’s similar to the PixelTail one, but it supports MIDI by default if the binary module is available, has more advanced features like note velocity / length, pedals (only sustain at the moment), and more

this piano system doesn’t directly provide this specific piano, it’s just an implementation of it, though i hope to have it as a workshop addon soon