Gmod weapon maker

What if there was a STOOL that
let the player make a weapon easy!
choose the weapon model,
then choose a property (AKA MELEE
GUN ROCKET GRENADE SMG GRENADE ETC.) then choose another for the right click (optional)
then choose the model for the projectiles! if someone made it…
that would be cool :smiley:
Please consider it.
Edit: forgot to mention the abilty to edit the sound effects (aka miss hit etc)



Why has no one posted?!?!?!?

If I recall, there was a stool that could sort of do this, but the only option for the projectile were bullets.

That does sound like a good idea, although I think it would have to be made more offline (not in gmod.)

Another thing is, I think there’s a fine line between the people who make weapons (sweps) and the people who can’t/don’t want to/are too lazy to, so I guess if you want to, you ought to start learning LUA. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy sailing.