GMOD Weapon Skin system like CSGO

So I am creating a GMOD Server and I own Blues Unboxing from a earlier venture, and want to use it in my TTT so I thought to my self how and I decided that a CSGO Skin system would be cool my only question is how I know basic gLua, and have been trying to think of a way I think my best way to do it would be an if statement like if skin.x then replace model or something but I really just have no clue of how I would do it.

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AFAIK, the only way you could have different skins that everybody sees is having completely different sweps with different materials, and that otherwise trying it would make all weapons of that type look the same

I think, you can apply a material to player’s view model here

SWEP:PostDrawViewModel (but you are looking for solution, so you can’t do it by yourself)

but how would i make it so when the player picks up that weapon it changes the Model to the skin World and View


Entity:SetSkin, not sure what CS:GO uses

Real csgo? A proxy in it material and also shaders

One of my friends toyed with an idea like this, basically it used something similar to SWEP Construction Kit to edit weapons(actually, it used SWEP Construction Kit entirely), and if a player had a certain skin unlocked and selected, it would use SetMaterial to change the skin. Just using the default materials in GMod you can make some pretty neat stuff. It was very unfinished however and the only remnants that I have are some bits of code for an early drop/reward system and a table of materials that don’t look horrendous when applied to weapons.

Skins could be applied to any weapon without having to make a thousand different identical SWEPs like mentioned earlier. It even included varying skin rarities, and some of the animated textures like the pulsating red/green/blue lines from PHX look really cool, you could even go as far as make your own animated skins if you bothered to mess around with VTFEdit.

personally if I finished this I wouldn’t bother with a trading system or mini economy as there’d more than likely be a way to exploit it and it’s just overly complicated. Neat skins would give players a reason to keep playing your server, make your gamemode more unique as opposed to just the same pointshop literally every server has except slightly modified, and your chat won’t be spammed with “admin this guy just scammed me !!!”.

Actually me and my partner are making our own pointshop system. We are doing it via a level system so that anyone can get any item but they have to get to a certain level to unlock things, and we have a unboxing system for items we want to be more rare.

Seems a little unnecessarily complicated but I like the idea, the way I was going to do it is similar to how the drop system works in CS:GO. Because it would be mounted onto a ZS gamemode, at the end of the last wave all remaining survivors are rewarded with a drop, the rarer the skin the rarer the drop. All of this would be saved into a personal inventory as opposed to using a pointshop

Or just use TFA CSGO weapons. has built in skin api.