GMod - What are you working on? April 2015 (#44)

Sorry for the browser-crashing OP last month, there was a lot of good stuff I’d feel bad for not including. I’ll try and make this one shorter.

Highlights from the previous thread

i mastered the legs with my recursive clothing functions :rock:

I broke my armor system. Woo for random crashes with no errors or helpful information in -condebug!

Edit: I somehow fixed it…

net.Read/WriteTable replacement! It supports self referencing dynamic tables and cuts down network load by a lot.

I broke the game by running a timer in while if that’s counts for anything :slight_smile:

You could use variable length encoded integers. They might not save space sending ints because you already have to send headers, but they could be used for string lengths etc.

i’ve implemented this in some areas where it’s a good idea, thanks!

Someone wanted to make the OP really badly :rolleye:

Tower Orientation Indicator with visual highlight when the gun is in position to fire.

The browser crashing still occurs,

Then again its probably my rPi

I know it’s been done over and over again, but I thought I would get back into Lua (after about a year of absence) by creating a radio.

DFrame is for admins to select the songs. Songs selected while a song is already playing adds it to a waiting list. I’m having trouble making the volume sliders (DNumSlider) look pretty, but I think I might just replace it with my own alternative.

Floating box at the bottom is what normal users would see, simply displays a timeabar for the song, a volume slider (same problem), and a stop button in case you don’t want to listen to that song.

Songs are loaded from a webserver, which has it’s own fancy upload page.

I dont usually post about what I’m working on before I got a significant amount of work done but I would just like to hear your opinions on this. I’m creating a “scrap armor” mod which allows you to suit up using different tiers of props. My next idea is to then incorporate scrap weaponry like swords, shields, bows, pikes, etc. I kinda want to make a gamemode using these (hl2 and css props and textures for minimal downloads!) and am conflicted between 2 themes so I want to see what would be more appealing to you guys


Wrench - Medieval warfare with scrap weapons and armor

Informative - Stronghold-like bases with scrap weapons and armor


Make the armor absorb blastdamage but in return remove/break/gib the damaged part. Would look awesome under barrage with parts tearing off :v:

Thats what I plan on doing! I dont think there will be much explosive damage though, lots of melee. The armor is a clientside model so it probably wont gib right where it was shot though, just general wood or metal gibs.

I did a thing

since when is writetable worse than writing things individually?

So I made a thing that lets superadmins force players to look at specified websites for a specified amount of time using DHTML

You evil, evil man.

When you write large tables especially with string keys. I went from like 800 bits to 200 per net message in my phone’s texting app after dropping the table functions

video embed totally failed… have to go pickup a suit… will fix later.


it just won’t… facepunch why do you hate me so…