GMod - What are you working on? April 2016 (#56)

Highlights from the previous thread

A little early?

I think Mors Quaedam gets off to making new WAYWO threads. :v:

Oh man I made it in somehow! I knew I should have posted my next update last night…


it’s almost as if different places have different times

thank you, I didn’t have my own clock to tell for myself.


Less bandwagon, more content.

It was 10:30PM and I was tired :v:

I am working on the Inventory System for my Rust Gamemode(ItemStore) but it has some bugs i cant explain onmysql … look at my thread i created in the same forum … but here some media
This is my new Deathscreen.

also you can jump of something high and get a ragdoll(i tried to make a “ragmod”)



Rough and unfinished as hell, but I managed to make an entire story mode using it (except for some hardcoded parts/bosses).

Spent most of the night working trying to work on a trailer, I think I did “ok” considering I never make these things.

I then decided to make a thread for it to…

I think an important part of trailer editing is never to show the same continuous scene for more than a few seconds.

Either way, the mod looks neat!

I was trying to avoid that, the issue has been that I have not been able to get many players to join to get enough decent video of a great battle.
I have had about 8 players on at the max and things were chaotic and it was great.

So basicaly, in this forum you don’t accept photoshop stuff, yet the icon of it is from photoshop. :ohno:

[del]What icon?[/del]Oh, that.
Honestly, I’d prefer if we stuck to the ‘<3’, ‘post your’ or more fitting: ‘beta’ icon throughout the months just to keep it consistent

I watched a couple Overwatch videos and thought it was pretty neato so I tried to recreate Tracer’s Blink ability. Obviously there’s no pretty effects but I thought the debug things looked cool.