GMod - What are you working on? August 2014 (#36)

As per usual, PM me or steam message me any fixes to the OP! I’ve added stuff based on the amount of ratings it, from the first and last few pages.
(Probably more to come to this OP)

Highlights from the previous thread

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I think it looks quite nice.

Damagelogs from a website! Almost finished, just need to do sorting and to convert the arrays to a string.

my god…August?

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how did i make the highlights with shitty grust


Here’s a more advanced version of Pet Arsenal

Hope you guys like it.

if you’re going to add that as an update on coderhire for your script, before doing so if you do are you going to make the Rocket launcher etc invisible? since it would look kind of weird to see pets with a flying rocket launcher…

My moves weren’t smooth enough :c

CGNick’s idea, load a model in straight from an SMD, I think that’s awesome! That would even make modeling easier, I hate compiling! That’s one of the main reasons I don’t really bother to do it. I wish you best of luck, man!

Looking any better for visuals?

Those colors looks really out of place.

Whipped up a little challenge system for TTT over the past week. When there is only one traitor and one innocent left it will notify the traitor and prompt them to challenge the last inno. As of now it has 4 challenges and I’ve written it to allow for pretty easy expansion. The current challenges are:
(Sorry for the random music in the videos, had pandora running)
Pretty basic… crowbars… kill each other[/vid]

Low gravity sniper battle

Shot For Shot:
NSFW language in this one. Had to explain the concept to him(don’t have the instructions for this one in game yet)
Both are given deagles, only one has a bullet(random). When the first person shoots their bullet the other is given a bullet. When the second person shoots the first gets a bullet etc.

Will post new video… the opponent in the last one was… not pleasant.

My favorite so far. This is inspired by a game from Minecraft called spleef. You are placed in an arena with a layer of boxes under you and a death floor below that. Your goal is to blow up the boxes near your opponent and send them to their doom.

I’m planning on adding more challenges as well as some more interface related things. I need a sleek way to explain the challenges to players rather than just jamming its description in a box. The system I’ve written up allows me to just fill in a few fields and have a new challenge(name, weapons, hooks, effects, etc.) so I’m pretty happy with that.

I made a thing that reads .gma files and tries to decide if they should be downloaded with resource.AddWorkshop() or not. It also detects maps, so whatever addon contains the current map is automatically added for downloading. Here’s a picture with some text on it.

I also spent an entire day making a thing that turns you into a barnacle from HL2, which was clearly a worthwhile use of my time.

I would one suggest that you remove the explosions from spleef since it will get loud and annoying fast. Secondly I would suggest that you make the shot for shot longer since that was how it was original designed

The explosions haven’t been too bad so far but I see your point. It was a placeholder effect to start with but… its held it’s place for long enough =d

I’m not sure what the original shot for shot is like since I’ve just seen other ‘inspired’ versions of it. My main limitation on that arena is size though. I have a spot picked out for most of the maps we play on that acts as the center of that arena. Some maps don’t have a large enough vacant area to house anything bigger. I did expand spleef from 10x10 to 15x15 which has worked so far though. Also the shot registration garry’s mod… isn’t the most spectacular thing, so I would want to test out how long the average shot for shot match would be.

Ty for the input =)