GMod - What are you working on? August 2016 (#60)

Highlights from the previous thread

After about a month of meditation on how to draw a perk tree with minimal effort, I have come up with a solution:

Text editing!

Wait, are you really drawing the map based on the text?


Draw me a happy face.

quickie hud i made in under 15 minutes, based it off another hud i saw in a old WAYWO
didn’t shortchange those bars, lerp or go home

Thoughts? It got denied on SF for five second script so it’s clearly not good enough </3 how can I make it better?

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You mean like this one?

Well, all it is is a rectangle with blur behind it and some blurry default-font text that can barely be read.

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I honestly have no clue why you’d make anyone pay for something like that- in fact, I’ve never understood why anyone on Scriptfodder makes anyone pay for anything, I usually make all kinds of HUD and vgui stuff and just publish it all to the gmod workshop without asking for a cent… seems like a ripoff to me

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Actually, the HUD posted above your one looks better in my opinion (yours is okay though), and that one only took the guy 15 minutes. If you want to be paid for a HUD then I think you should spend more than that amount of time on it

Make it ten second script then. If you’re putting it into SF, you just should put some MLG material right there, and you will sell shitload of copies.

I guess I should post something that might actually be some help- so here’s a list of stuff I’d probably change:

  • The health and armor bars have very saturated colors that don’t look very good together- I’d probably make the armor bar yellow
  • Everything has a thick black outline, I’d probably make the outlines more transparent, if adding any outlines at all
  • The boxes are all very straight and pointy- rounded boxes might look smoother
  • The money text is quite bright- I’d probably dim it
  • The Occupation text is quite dark- I’d probably brighten it and make it a different color to match the money counters

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  • The DModelPanel spins- you should probably override it’s default behaviour

I don’t like how it snaps to right if there’s armor. Why not just expand the box’s height?

Also considering ScriptFodder.

I only showcased the main part of it, I have hunger-mod support, all that good juicy shit.

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I also have an Agenda, too (if you see on the top left), and Notifications is a good idea. Thanks.

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I’ll get to working on a few of those things ASAP. Shot.

Sorry, I sounded like an asshole before. Anyway, I was thinking it could look something like this instead:

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Round boxes look cleaner than thick outlined boxes with blur behind them to me

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I just realized this looks a lot like my

Goddamn it, I always do the same thing with every HUD ever

I had an update before which I submitted (the first one), and everyone I asked for opinions on the rounded boxes said it looks shit, and they also denied that. I was also thinking of a font change, but imo DermaDefaultBold is sexy.

so after an incredible downtime of like 2 days and a mental breakdown, i got some unexpected help spreading the server (thanks so much), and yesterday a streamer joined too and a ton of followers also, got really hectic! broke the player record by far![/t]

gotten a whole bunch of feedback and i’m trying to streamline things, i.e. context specific weapon/tool information


it becomes pretty difficult to make stuff intuitive/streamlined when you’ve adoped everything as the norm

but now i have a reason to continue working on this, especially with new players :v:

What do you think of it now?

Don’t create a damn new box, just increase height for armor, looks so much better.

That DModelPanel spinning around is prettyyyyyyy annoying too.

Imo it just looks like a generic blur HUD

I’ll keep those suggestions in mind.

Looks pretty much the same as before, and the occupation text is still unreadable. If you don’t want to change it too much then at least change the occupation text to be white so you can see it. Also, for some reason I wish the salary counter and the other counter had their numbers aligned to the right like they were in the previous image I posted- I just think it looks more spaced out and less cluttered.

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Also, what’s the point of having a transparent black box behind your HUD if you’re going to have text with a thick solid black outline? You can read the text fine without the box there

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Also, the red text that pops up at the left when some notification occurs is also very hard for me to read. Please make it white or a brighter color

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Sorry for nagging, just suggesting stuff. I’ve never made a DarkRP HUD so I guess it’s painful enough trying to shove in all the extra info and have it look decent