GMod - What are you working on? August 2017 (#72)

Highlights from the previous thread

There was a lot of good GUI last month!

I’m going to apologize in advance…

Hells Kitchen?

I mixed up the symbol and extended flags for surface.CreateFont :v:

Playing with flags[/thumb]

Mmm metal, still trying to figure out what normal maps go to which part. Seems taking certain channels out of the original normal maps have helped this cause.

I know it’s in a bad spot and the material looks like deep fried ass burgers but it does the job for now.

I’ve made same thing sorta but with a gambling roulette instead
It’s probably the most advanced UI I’ve made to date :v Which is a bad thing cause I’m shit at ui

That’s awesome! I’d say pretty advanced :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe it or not this was what I used as inspiration to try and make it better after beast informed me Moat’s server had a roulette system.

this is straight fire bro holy

Emoji’s are obviously cancer as fuck, but it’s a really cool concept.

A quick way to chat with others.

:gun::angry: Delete this

fuck man i didn’t get the memo i shouldn’t have written this emoji li🅱 for my gamemode then :sax:



So when do we get support for Twitch emotes in Gmod?[/t]

I decided to reinstall gmod recently.
This was my gamemode, which I stopped working on a while ago.
Glad to see it still works flawlessly :smiley: (Everything is 0.05 smaller, so the map-scale was massive(20x));

Since I left gmod, I’ve…
Been working a lot with my own custom game-engine project in C++.
I left G LUA to become the next Garry. lol jk xD


Vulkan Rendering, with bullet physics engine.

I used Unity assets, because my game engine supports FBX files.


Where did you get those icons?