GMod - What are you working on? December 2016 (#64)

Highlights from the previous thread

Well done last month guys jeez.

Proud of ya’ll.


Yay or nay?

Agreed! There were many very impressive projects last month. I wonder how this month will go.

It might be a bit more active since christmas’ holidays are coming.
(aka no school)

Small update on the FPS-friendly 3D blur from [post=51452477]my last post[/post]: a non-retarded blurring method really does save on FPS.

new code (the rest of it is the same):
[lua]local function DrawBlur()

-- If you want to tweak the way blurring looks and works, this is probably where to do it:
for i = 1, 3 do
	mat:SetFloat("$blur", i)
	mat:Recompute()	-- wish I didn't have to do this..



Results (look at FPS):

Keep in mind that NONE of these are aware of each other and the blurring is repeated again for each one individually.

Now, there ARE ways to make this even more efficient (e.g. use 3 different materials with different blur levels instead of changing it and using Recompute each time), but this is no longer helping me so I need to stop working on it. I’ve now over-proven my proof of concept.

Now, I vividly remember that gmod used to have this screen morphing thing - where did that go? I wanted to look at its code to know how to achieve the effect I REALLY want to achieve.
Edit: found it

I’m working on a gun chest to store weapons and then you can retrieve them. I am new to lua so seeing all these other things people are making is great for inspiration for making me want to learn more :smiley:

I always wanted to make these!’s Mod 2016-12-01 10_15_43 PM.mp4

The sounds were thrown together by me. (By editing HL2 sounds :L)

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They block players too, but I didn’t have any friends to test with at the time :frowning:

Do they stop noclip?

No. :cry:
They could (in situations where I’m using them in a box like this) but

  1. There’s nothing to stop you from noclipping AROUND the barrier (in this case, underneath)
  2. The gamemode I’m currently making this for will have noclip disabled.

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I mean, I have ideas on how I can prevent noclip even with just having a wall, but I didn’t think it was worth it :confused:

Been picking all day at documentation.[/t]


Been working on Day of Defeat weapons; bipod deploying is super cool (and expensive)![/t]

(Each trace done)

Working on an interface for a daily rewards system I`m working on, going alright so far.

Updated the video with something new, if you already watched

Nothing much to show, university has been keeping me occupied.

I’ve improved how color bleeding is done and the reflection algorythm is now physically accurate, roughness is now possible and it’ll be set per material soon, I’ll add more factors to simulate physically accurate lighting better using PBR techniques as a guidance but next I’ll change the sky’s overcast factor and if possible even sample the skylight based on the skybox’s albedo similar to IBL techniques

In the future everything will be chrome


is much easier to do in Blender

which is also free by the way

I made a puzzle system for repairing generators in my little Dead By Daylight gamemode. I’ve outdone myself - this shit may look easy, but it’s stressful and sometimes VERY hard.


I’ve yet to test this out in multiplayer, but I did design it so more than one person could work on the puzzle at the same time.

Oh, and before anyone cries “what about the pancake games,” relax, I’m just taking a short break. I’ll be back on it very soon.

i am amazed at how good you are at making cool shit consistently

Roughness is now set per material, a proper sunlight source is now implemented with controllable overcasting and reads the value from the map, overexposure is now composed properly so reflected scenes should look proper now instead of like shit and also is taken properly into account since I am using floats instead of a 3 byte color value, ambient light takes in consideration a skybox color sampling

Creating some quality of life enhancing entities for my gamemode. Splined path nodes that auto-increment.

Added branching paths

Working on a visual warping effect for players (currently implemented just on a custom SENT I use for testing).


For some reason it doesn’t work with antialiasing turned on (shown in the video). I have no idea why and I have no time to look into it right now sadly.

Code if anyone wants to be amazing and help me figure it out:

has a bunch of crap in it that should be ignored.

Edit: oh I forgot, I fixed TimedSin on my end, so the warping will not be as nice for you if you copy it. Still okay though. If you want replace with this in lua/includes/util.lua:
[lua]function TimedSin( freq, min, max, offset )
return (1 + math.sin( freq * math.pi * 2 * CurTime() + offset )) * ( max - min ) * 0.5 + min