GMod - What are you working on? - February 2014

What Are You Working On? - February 2014 (#30)
Highlights from the previous thread:

Trap Door by LinkTwilight

Garry and Fighters by RocketMania - A MOBA style gamemode.

Prone by Rebel1324

Surf Gamemode by Ilyaaa

Custom Movetypes by AzuiSleet - “This is going to revolutionize gmod.”

Particle Spewing by ollie

GMod Minecraft by thelastpenguin - Generation of a voxel based world using only pure Lua.[/t] [t][/t]
You can find more pictures here:

License-Plate System by Acecool
[t][/t] [t][/t]

Voxels by PortalGod
[t][/t] [t][/t]
[t][/t] [t][/t]
[t][/t] [t][/t]

Worms 3D by _Kilburn - vinh’ll fix it

same old crappy smell of this thread

Is there just going to be a new thread for every month?

I’ll skip April for a full 10/10 comedy April fools joke.

Well, here’s some content to start:

Working on a crafting system - recipes are pulled from an outside database.

Button in the server menu that gets you permabanned

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a lot of people have clicked it, and we don’t talk about the button

(Idiot cull reason is the button)


Also updated the mod tools since my last post, now you can view a player’s warnings in the menu by clicking ‘Show Warnings’

Bit of a repost, but it actually works now and isn’t just a blank gui:

just my two cents, but I don’t like that purple at all, I’d suggest something from here or similar


Which one? I don’t see any that look as dark as yours.

Been doing some work with loadouts. Sorry about the piss poor quality… If I didn’t lower the resolution it would have taken me all day to upload. View in 480P and fullscreen…

For some reason the red looks a lot brighter then it really is. On my end it’s a darker end red, comparable to blood.

Also note: There’s a few more options I haven’t added in yet. The large space on the right will be filled be filled with the playermodel changer.

Edit: Also I made an anti teamkill thing. Only thing is your own grenades can’t kill you which to be honest is somewhat annoying sometimes…

share? <3

Just updated ACT_ enums on the wiki, there were about 100 missing, see changes here:

No, as I coded it to work specifically with my PlayersCanHearVoice hook to reduce lag, although changing it to DarkRP2.5 would be a quick fix. Don’t worry someone will make a quick version of it for $20 on CoderHire within a week.

Has anyone noticed how there’s no way to determine whether or not someone is speaking on the server?

Between those two hooks you can do that.

Nevermind, those hooks are clientside.

Do I hear a challenge, sir?

For you guys who were having issues with sublime text and autorefresh:
A little while ago I had the same issue and wrote some crappy plugin that is a little hacked together, but does seem to work. It winds up re-saving the file. (So essentially should be just like disabling atomic save, but that didn’t work for me either whereas using the plugin did)

import sublime_plugin
import os

def plugin_loaded():

def is_lua_file(view):
    filename = view.file_name()

    return filename and \
        os.path.splitext(filename)[1][1:].strip().lower() == 'lua' and \
        filename.find('garrysmod') != -1

class gmod_handler(sublime_plugin.EventListener):

    def on_post_save(self, view):
        if is_lua_file(view):
            filename = view.file_name()
            print('Resaving ' + filename)
            f = open(filename, 'r+')
            data =

    def on_load(self, view):
        if is_lua_file(view):
            view.set_syntax_file('Packages/GMod Lua/Lua.tmLanguage')

It could be done a whole lot better so feel free to fix it up or whatever.
You might also want to disable the GMod Lua highlighter package but keep it installed, the plugin will set the highlighter if it’s a lua file and has ‘garrysmod’ in the path. You can change that just by editing it if you don’t want that anyways.

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I almost forgot, throw that in in packages/user (Preferences/Browse Packages)

Something i’m working on for GCC.
I know video quality is shit, but I don’t want to spend an hour uploading a huge video file.

My relatively unimpressive loadout menu so far in screenshot form because my video was shit/I added some stuff.