GMod - What are you working on? February 2016 (#54)

It outputs compile time errors as well.

You realize you can always override it back to the old overlay?

Working on the nextbot NPC’s for my gamemode now, they can be a bit frustrating to get right.

Been working on a car shop which was inspired by Gta V.

The Colors and Spawn buttons are clickable by +use, and the hook doesn’t seem to use much as other hooks.

Any suggestions and criticism are welcome.

Some things about the design of the box above the car:

Have even padding all around. Currently your horizontal padding is much smaller than your vertical padding, and it looks weird.

The horizontal divider just looks off to me. I think just coloring the title area a darker shade of grey would look good.

Vertically center the “Color:” text in relation to the color swatches.

I just learnt how to predict stuff propperly. This feels amazing.

Other stuff I forgot to show in the video:


I haven’t messed around with overriding materials and the like, so no I didn’t. Time to go figure this out! As the other guy said though, the annoying muffled sound effects will remain, along with the constant underwater sound.

Anybody ever get into that mood where your way to un-motivated to do something productive but to board to not do anything? I think the best creations come from it. And watch out GFireworks, You got competition now :smug:

Better? Btw, genius idea with the title.

Here’s a few ideas:

You should also totally look into getting a prettier font and maybe try rendering it all a bit bigger and scaling down the 3D2D camera for better quality.

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I do my best work when I have more important boring work to do. Two papers and a test this week, it’s been a very productive week (not on the papers of course :v:).

More sword stuff

FallingPlatforms. Think I only need to squish a few bugs.

- Made a thing to protect the players while disabling weapons, noclip and a few other things. - Can't get hurt or hurt anyone while ingame. - Can't use any other entities but the platforms to stand on.

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On the workshop
Still beta. Expect bugs … plz report bugs … ect

I fucking love stencils and really want to make some cool stuff like this but I’m terrible at them :v:

How do you even know where to start when making effects like this.

Working on an emblem editor for factions in my gamemode, it’s still having some of it’s designs changed up so ignore the buttons and the empty spacing and the close button(that’s just there so I don’t get trapped)

The creations look like shit due to the shitty icons I have right now, but I’m going to add categories for the types of layers you can put down like letters, numbers, objects, etc. It looks like shit but you can move icons around with the mouse if that layer is selected and it’s all custom, doesn’t use a drag and drop method or anything

Developer did a tow truck, pretty neat.


Started remaking my old derma designer that I never finished.

Why does this amuse me so much?