GMod - What are you working on? February 2016 (#54)

I’m currently working on a complete “pack” of addons. For example
HUD, F4, MOTD, Loading Screen, and a few more. Calling it “Matte Pack”
reasoning because the color scheme has only Matte colors. I hope to release
it soon. A few will be free (HUD, F4) and the others will be on scriptfodder (MOTD, Loading Screen).

Matte isn’t a colour, do you mean flat?

I don’t think you know what matte is. All that means is it doesn’t shine when you reflect light off it, which means every HUD, F4 menu, MotD, and loading screen ever made has been matte. The word is used for a type of paint, not colors on a screen.

In fact, see the video two posts above yours to see what matte looks like.

Sorry if I’m wrong but I think it was on the addons Gmod+ something like this not sure :S

That is going to be the best thing ever once you’ve finished it

By the way, have you thought about showing health/armor on the HUD like it is in GTA? :stuck_out_tongue:

I Present, Garrys Film Maker. This is the first version of an animation thing im working on. Im trying to implement the kind of tools things like after effects and blender have to create some bad ass animations in Garry’s Mod. So far it has key-frame smoothing and also has support for bezier curves. Im currently working on an animation graph so you can of course edit the animation that way (If anyone here animates they should know what that is). So far the camera is the only thing that can be animated and at the moment things animation are also limited to 30FPS (Option to smooth camera so 60 fps playback seems smooth though). I want to be able to create a full short film with this one day :D. If you want me to keep posting updated on this let me know and I will. If you have any feed back (Although all this is done in a 2 hours so its super bear bones) then let me know. Also if you think this might be useful let me know to as if people want it I will finish it.

*Add Multi Object support
*Implement animation grapth
*Re-do crappy UI
*Add scaling to the timeline
*Add option to enter ‘cinematic mode’ (24fps , crazy shaders, black lines on screen, you know that shit)
*Add option to save sequences
**Maybe add ability to string sequences in a clip to make your entire final animation.

Sorry for weird noises, I left teamspeak un-muted.

Use BSpline instead, you’ll get a nice result

Sorry to say this, but I feel like I’ve seen stuff like this a million times already, like this and this

I See where you are coming from , Although if you have ever used an animation tool such as after effects, flash, blender or even maya then you will know that those tools are very limited in comparison. There useful nonetheless im just trying to bring source film maker into gmod.

Yeah, they are VERY limited. Good luck making this!

Also-just an idea- maybe you could make a way to record GMod gameplay (as you can do in SFM with TF2 gameplay) and then try figuring out how to play that recording back in a way that lets you change everything… I was trying to do this before and it’d be damn amazing if you could figure out how to do that with your project, and it’d probably help a ton of people with their videos

I’m famous… sorry for breathing and moaning over your video…

Made V.A.T.S in Gmod. Slow motion only in SP. For MP, the player can still activate V.A.T.S but no slowing down time.

you should really slow down time a lot more than what you currently have it set to

Why are you doing it this way, may I ask?
First off, the magnets will only interact with other entities; so I’d honestly suggest just going through each entity rather than essentially sweeping a volume
As well as this any magnetic influence is going to be really simple; ie. either strictly from it’s position vector or from some dotted / crossed version for cylindrical magnets.

If you need any help with the formulae, give us a shout. Undergrad physics student ( but nowhere near as good as Johnnymo1 and such )

Something is wrong with me…

Oh and it’s not done. I’m gonna try making Gaben float down slowly

10/10 gabe animations

Don’t you dare offend gabe

I’ve just built this, I’m not really good with art, but i’m sure there’s someone that would be able to create a masterpiece:

I don’t know, i need to get better shapes, or make them vtf, if anyone knows how to scale these materials from DImageButton, because PopupMag and Mig or whatever are called, never works for me, not atleast for pngs

Just putting it out here that I recently rewrote my ‘Simple Lua Object Orientation’ library that I initially posted about in this thread a couple of years ago and that it’s just so much better in terms of features, code quality and performance compared to the previous version, like it’s actually really nice to use now.