GMod - What are you working on? February 2016 (#54)

I Will try my hardest, The only reason im managing to do this is because c# is my main language and c++ and c# share very similar syntax etc. I Can try once I feel confident enough though.

IMO there’s too much transparency and not enough contrast. Try adding some whites or colors.

If you think about it, I bet you’ve never seen a Windows application with a transparent background. :slight_smile:

notepad++ util windows

[editline]a[/editline] wait that’s just window opacity

This leads to aliasing on text, and if you use the normal winform approach of Form.TransparencyKey, and also creates a potentially undesired click-through feature.



just finished another commission, this was a metal gear solid 3 menu for pointshop

pretty fun :slight_smile:

I hate derma with a passion.

(those white lines only look unfocused because the image is shrunk)

The code behind it is a monstrosity that should never see the light of day again.

The accept button only has one corner rounded, where as everything else has 2.

You’re doomed, but you can check if there’s first arg in vararg - just put it into (…)

doing #{…} didn’t help
you’re saying #(…) [sic] would?

select("#", …) > 0

function( -snip-, a, ... )

if a then
  MsgC(a, ...)

This could work too I think, better than using select

Yes I am aware, but thanks for letting me know anyway.

Working on this unique “workshop download” thing. I’ll release it for free.

One thing, if you are going to upload this to workshop, expect people crying and saying shits about you because this crashes their server due they uploading +200mb files

I’m good at ignoring people :v:

are you doing steamworks.fileinfo for each file every time it needs to re-mount (rejoin)? i’m not sure how i’d handle it otherwise

Started doing my own custom notifications, all drawn from the HUDPaint function. Has it’s own slide in effect, support for icons, etc. I think the idea of the icon hanging off a little looks nice, any advice?

Move the icons down slightly.
All of the icons clip the edge of the notification box.

It doesn’t, it really doesn’t
personally id create some kind of visual distinction between the icon side and the actual text, ie a bar seperating them or a different background colour behind the icon and have the icon centred inside that