GMod - What are you working on? February 2016 (#54)

how dare glua chat steal credit!!!

already posted, meep. posting is a team effort.

Working on a gang territory system for my server, going well so far. Got a nice UI whipped up for showing the territory, and who owns what in the territory.

A little video to show the bottom icons expanding.

The way things work is. There are territories that host subterritories around the area. Whoever has above 50% of the subterritories actually own the territory iteslf. Other gangs (Crews) can try and take the subterritories from them, but it takes time. The crew who owns the most territories will receive a experience boost (there’s a crew level that is a combination of all of the player’s level inside the crew, which will dictate if you can buy certain perks or products). But yeah, it’s going quite good.

PSA: if any of zerf’s posts contain “glua chat”, he has nothing to do with the post :v:

excuse me no that’s a different video


nice job CHANGING it in ur post!!

Small update on my minigame. People where asking for a singleplayer-mode on the workshop so I made one with 3 ghosts. (I got really lucky in the video and won) (It takes 10 seconds to start a singleplayer match instead of the normal 5).

Also added some diversity to the ghosts:

  • White ghost: Fast and unpredictable
  • Yellow ghost: Can’t fall through ghost-platforms.
  • Blue ghost: Normal


On the workshop](

jesus christ

Beautiful stencil work! Bravo!

Oh my.

pfffft, I can totally do that :frowning:

On a serious note tho, great work fam.

May I ask what the .CS stuff is for?

Why does it let you stand in between the gaps in platforms :v:
Or is that just me

That’s just how GMod is(?)

In MGS you could either have it on soft zoom or snap depending on your controller setup.

Well it only makes sense to do what it does on pc, since that’s what controller 99% of the gmod community is going to use. I understand how it does soft zoom if you use the little joystick thing on console, but on pc the mousewheel is kind of jumpy as well as the right click

Most falling platform games do.

What happens on maps with very low skyboxes?

Its the Colour Scheme to keep everything the same order, lets say bill wants to change it and he doesn’t like the colours he can easily edit the table instead of editing everything that has the colours I guess. I will make it more clear.

I kinda gave up on the actual ragdoll going into it after 5 hours because it got fucking annoying and bored me to death

Working on a UI library based on material design (I haven’t seen much of this outside of some stuff on scriptfodder). Animations are the focus right now - I’ve rolled my own system for performing animations which also makes it easier to implement new ones. Still figuring out a decent way of managing all the animations so that the code doesn’t look horrendous.

Did a quick mockup character menu to try out the basic stuff I’ve done so far.

Small music warning :frowning: