GMod - What are you working on? February 2016 (#54)

This looks great, but administration-wise can’t minges just create 100 different characters and keep going on? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to keep SteamID bans instead of character bans?

He could just make a limit of the amount of characters that a person can create.

If it’s a serious-ish roleplay server, then character bans could be penalties for dying, but seeing as the bans are shown as expiring, then perhaps there is another roleplay situation to attribute it to, such as being on vacation.

or being in jail


character permadeath is kind of shit tbh, i think he’s on the right track there. If you die your character just goes to hospital for a while and comes back good as new through the magic of modern medicine.
being arrested would be the same except you can post bail to get yourself out early (or just smaller time penalties) to give people an actual incentive to surrender to the police rather than deathmatch them til the last breath

I really liked the Tracker Sight from CoD: Ghosts. It would highlight your enemies on the scope lens, when you stared at them. The downside was your vision was blurred everywhere but the lens. Friend and I decided to replicate this with stencils, came out pretty good.


my fucking ears

I changed how I draw text for my node viewer

now to figure out line of sight

Can’t you use

Entity:Visible or

Entity:VisibleVec to check if it is on line of sight?

Pretty much finished my biotic powers / powers system now.
There was an existing biotic system on the workshop, but the code was a 2000 line unoptimised monstrosity and crashed my game occasionally, so i wrote my own from scratch under 200 lines.
Very happy with the result.

Just finished making Half Life 3

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First you post your question as a pastebin paste and then you shitpost on WAYWO and Fast Threads… good start here…

matrices are really cool

I already did fix it by making a render distance type thing

I lost my community’s custom-made HUD last night because I’m a fucking idiot. I didn’t want to bother the original designer to make us a new one, so I made my own.
Keep in mind I’m a scripter first, designer last. This is pretty much my first HUD
That being said, please tell me anything and everything that’s wrong with it.[/t]



Are the labels on the left too cluttered?
Should I remove the percentage signs?
If you can’t notice, the transparent background is blurred. Is that too much?
I really don’t know what to do about the overtime color. I’m completely open to suggestions on that one.

I’d add an outline around the top box perhaps, and the other bars even. It’ll distinguish them out a bit more, so it doesn’t give me a hard time looking if I’m a traitor at my HP.

I think a better solution to the problem of the traitor bar blending in with the health bar is to just change the health bar’s color to green or really any color that isn’t red

Hey look! You’re the opposite of any scriptfodder “coder” :v:

some of the coders i’ve met are neither of those things