GMod - What are you working on? February 2016 (#54)

Oh my.

pfffft, I can totally do that :frowning:

On a serious note tho, great work fam.

May I ask what the .CS stuff is for?

Why does it let you stand in between the gaps in platforms :v:
Or is that just me

That’s just how GMod is(?)

In MGS you could either have it on soft zoom or snap depending on your controller setup.

Well it only makes sense to do what it does on pc, since that’s what controller 99% of the gmod community is going to use. I understand how it does soft zoom if you use the little joystick thing on console, but on pc the mousewheel is kind of jumpy as well as the right click

Most falling platform games do.

What happens on maps with very low skyboxes?

Its the Colour Scheme to keep everything the same order, lets say bill wants to change it and he doesn’t like the colours he can easily edit the table instead of editing everything that has the colours I guess. I will make it more clear.

I kinda gave up on the actual ragdoll going into it after 5 hours because it got fucking annoying and bored me to death

Working on a UI library based on material design (I haven’t seen much of this outside of some stuff on scriptfodder). Animations are the focus right now - I’ve rolled my own system for performing animations which also makes it easier to implement new ones. Still figuring out a decent way of managing all the animations so that the code doesn’t look horrendous.

Did a quick mockup character menu to try out the basic stuff I’ve done so far.

Small music warning :frowning:

PLEASE tell me you plan on releasing this library for us poor simpleton developers who don’t know how to make proper material. :cry:

Simply gorgeous.

Probably, if/when I get it to a state where I’m happy with releasing it.

If you never get there, I will suck your dick for Material, broken or not.

Hooooly shit.

I dabbled with the idea very briefly a while back. Though admittedly I neglected the artistic side of it. I might revisit it if I ever get back into GMod.

Potential headphone user warning. My recording and rendering options were all messed up back when I did th[/vid]

I might as well explain it a bit. As it stands when there’s 1 T and 1 Inno left the T is given the option to challenge the inno. One thing that motivated me to do this is the amount of times it’s down to 1v1 and everyone gets to sit through 5 minutes of delaying/camping/running around a big map etc. I was planning to expand it into larger events like 1 T vs all innos for those times you see all your T buddies die within 1 minute of the round. Anyway… It’s setup similar to how PointShop items are. Each event has a separate configuration file with things like player health, mandatory weapons, ammo, gravity, effects, and some other things like preventing the players from zooming in etc.

I have a bad habit of developing tools and never using them. If I were the inventor of the wheel we would still be in caves and I would have a wheel shaped doormat. Either way it’s a fun little project to get into.

So I made a really lazy lib for serializing/deserializing data in binary strings, which I didn’t end up using because not being able to store floats is kind of bad. I figured I’d share it here. It’s probably terrible!

New thread time!