GMod - What are you working on? February 2016 (#54)

Any video? Looks really interesting (Huge fan of FFT creations)

I’ll have a video posted soon, I gotta have someone else record it cause my GPU is trash.

Still trying to render rain at a sane way and not using particles because they are rather expensive and the density doesnt look too good.

So I think I found a good balanced solution:

Still 170 FPS from 185 and I’m pretty dense about the limits atm.

Looks amazing, what was the solution?

I create multiple textures when rain is requested, that is then overlayed multiple times ahead of the player view.

Theres atm a issue when looking up and it seems its slightly noticeable if the spacing between layers is rather big but I can probably double the layers as they are not really that expensive to render.

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Added some angle, makes the thing look even cooler

So far, I’ve been mapping out a track to circle around the rest of the map. The track takes about 7 minutes to drive around the map, going 200mph.
It took me a week of trial and error to keep such a large displacement from breaking upon compile.[/t][t][/t][t]

Oh yeah, I also got a new graphics Card!!! FINALLY!!!

This road was created using 3ds max and not Hammer… LOL

That’s a…pretty straight track…
You are going to connect it to something, right? It’s not just meant to be a track for racing?

Yeah, it’ll be connected. I was expecting to start making some entry ramps.

It’ll be easy, I think. Thanks for the input MPan.

I think the road can be worked with, it’s just my first attempt at get it to work past compiling. Now that I understand the concept, it’ll be easier in the future.

because html?

Because 126531521521+ awesomium instances if everyone starts usin those like crazy

Mind sharing your method? I assume it’s far more efficient than using entities

It’s one for the whole chatbox

So the whole panel it’s an awesomium panel or do you download the png with that single instance

one dhtml panel, lines get added when someone speaks, smileys are img tags
that’s it. probably gonna ship a lot of the smileys though instead of http

A dank Battlefront HUD :slight_smile: [For a starwarsRP server]

So the emojis are just inline images? neat

Oh man, I appreciate it but I am definitely a coder first and not a designer. I just imitate other’s styles.

i’ve really improved on this last time i showed this to waywo

i finally managed to implement it into the server and it’s pretty fun
there’s even small chance that the number of millions on the board increase with each game until somebody wins it

yeah, and with clickable links
added the complete universal emoji pack also :joy::joy::joy::joy: