GMod - What are you working on? February 2016 (#54)

Highlights from the previous thread

Dam those highlights! Great Job everyone!

I still wish some of my INGAME login screens will make it to the highlights some day

I like how my error was the only thing of mine that made the highlights

Well played Mr. highlight chooser

I feel yah brother, I got a lot of praise for my parkour stuff and am mysteriously missing from the highlights. Conspiracy! Haha, I’m kidding. Great job fellas!

Actually i like tf2 hud avatar, so i guess i did the mine

Also, i’ve been playing with notifications


Yay, made it to the highlights! I’ve got that prone addon working with any model by bone merging, it just needs a few more bugs fixed and it should be good to go. Nice new thread!

Damn still no love for SNPCs

been modding that echat addon

individual line fading as it should be, and smooth scrolling
would be cool to have images in it, but i really have no idea how to do that

What font are you using there? It looks great. I’ve seen it throughout your work.

Roboto (condensed)

upped my server physics speed to 25,000hu/s which is a little over the speed of sound, and then i made bullet entities that replace bullets fired from most weapons. I even went a step further and added realistic supersonic cracks as bullets fly past you

How are you calculating collision/hit at that speed

this is what i have in my server.cfg

lua_run local tbl = physenv.GetPerformanceSettings() tbl.MaxVelocity = 25000 physenv.SetPerformanceSettings(tbl)
lua_run local tbl = physenv.GetPerformanceSettings() tbl.LookAheadTimeObjectVsObject = 0.001 physenv.SetPerformanceSettings(tbl)
lua_run local tbl = physenv.GetPerformanceSettings() tbl.LookAheadTimeObjectVsWorld = 0.001 physenv.SetPerformanceSettings(tbl)

and then im just using the PhysicsCollide function on the entity serverside, for the supersonic cracks im using util.intersectraywithplane to see if the player is firing at an area within 400hu of another player, then im using timer.simple to delay playing the sound until the bullet actually gets near them by deviding the distance by the velocity of the bullet to get the ETA

More progress on the HL2Coop Gamemode, I got really bored out of the default map skyboxes and did this instead:


I know it has been done before and its nothing special but this makes the entire at least a little different.

You need to light up the environment more! Dunno how you would do that.

I always considered the Ravenholm part too bright, at night u barely see stuff. Not sure if I should step up one level of brightness.

After all they tried to create a spooky environment.

But then it doesn’t match the day sky.[/t]

so yeah this is a thing now



pig hud

Been making a RP gamemode just to test out my knowledge so far, making UI for loading characters.

And UI for creating characters.