GMod - What are you working on? February 2016 (#54)

So the whole panel it’s an awesomium panel or do you download the png with that single instance

one dhtml panel, lines get added when someone speaks, smileys are img tags
that’s it. probably gonna ship a lot of the smileys though instead of http

A dank Battlefront HUD :slight_smile: [For a starwarsRP server]

So the emojis are just inline images? neat

Oh man, I appreciate it but I am definitely a coder first and not a designer. I just imitate other’s styles.

i’ve really improved on this last time i showed this to waywo

i finally managed to implement it into the server and it’s pretty fun
there’s even small chance that the number of millions on the board increase with each game until somebody wins it

yeah, and with clickable links
added the complete universal emoji pack also :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Have you considered making your own RichText element with embedded images like willox once did?

HOLY SHIT MY EARS AT THE END. Very cool though!

ridiculous amount of work, i looked at the code and just said nope

I recoded the Source movement system into Lua so you can walk around underwater and other stuff probably. I don't know how to remove the water overlay and sound effects however, so you can't make convincing underwater bases yet :frown: All movement shown in the video is using my recoded system, the only things not functional right now is air control and colliding with objects, otherwise everything else is working. Friction is a bit messed up though.

I’ve been messing with colors and music lately and I think I’m just about done with this visualizer that changes the way that you may view the map. It messes with alot of post process effects and in-game texture properties to essentially give you a “trip”.

The word “lately” is a bit of an understatement, as I’ve been balancing this for about 6 months now with alot of live feedback.

Thanks Flex for filming **(Epilepsy Warning, Do not watch if you are photosensitive)


More feedback please

Is that what an LSD trip is like?


Remove the overlay by overriding the material?

Just wondering-- is ZeroBraneStudio a pretty good LUA IDE? I wanted to use NetBeans because that’s what I’m using at college, but I can’t find a good lua package for it…

Maybe this?

I think it all really depends on what you want out of an IDE. Atom or Sublime can be really good with packages that are already available.

Always wanted to make one. How do you determine when the visualizer should start? (Or were you just setting that manually?)

I know the whole NetBeans error reporting is kind of a Java thing mainly, but I’m wanting an IDE that holds my hand the most, to be blunt. I’m just starting Lua and although it’s nicely similar to Java so far, I still need lots of help.

A tool like that does not exist for Garry’s Mod as far as i know.