GMod - What are you working on? - January 2014

What Are You Working On? - January 2014 (#29)
Highlights from the previous thread:

Source Karts by The GMod Tower Team

Firearms: Source 2.0 by LEETNOOB

The Twisted Corridor from Legend Of Zelda Ocarnia Of Time recreated in GMod by LinkTwilight

Hell Hole by LinkTwilight

DeepSpace IV by RocketMania

Ingame Map Editor by Hentie

Physical Clip Tool by MDave

Jump Pad by CGNick

Dancing Robots by Thermadyle

Team Selection Menu by Luni

2D Particle System by Hxrmn

eh I can’t believe this made it into the highlights by _Kilburn

Festive Choochoo Trains by FoohyAB Video/chuggachugga.webm[/vid]

Tubes by FoohyAB

Spaceship Meshes created ingame by MDave[/thumb]

A Medieval RTS by Spencer Sharkey

Grid Based Unit Movement by _Kilburn

Minigun by Instant Mix

Aww yeah a new thread, I think you should link to the original posts of all the highlights though

New thread smell and new content.

Re-working on gTerminal because the first one sucked. It has a cursor now!

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Forgot to mention it’s mostly networked so everyone sees the same thing (except for what you are typing)

Love looking at the highlights when they come around. Yeah, it would be nice though, to see the post corresponding.

C-c-c-c-combo breaker. I had a highlight in the last 3 or 4 WAYWO’s, IIRC. Sad to see I didn’t make it this time =P

But still very appropriately chosen. I’m gonna try to actually finish some of my bigger projects this year, namely GRPG and the Pokeball Mod.

And before you ask, NO, you cannot have the Pokeball Mod as it is right now.

Finally a new thread !

WAYWO #29, 29 years running.

29 years? What? That was before source engine was even released, let alone garrys mod >.>

Edit: Ok, I am dumb :c

Ah, Mr Holmes, your powers of deduction know no limits.

Yeaaaah, new thread! Btw happy new years!

Some stuff that i didn’t posted:

BF3 notifications shit

Fallout picklocker (I took the pic from this direction, but actually looks at the same)

ED-e As companion! yay


kind of disappointed we didn’t hit 100 pages
poor effort people

also happy new year

my fault, i could’ve uploaded the pics, but well…I don’t expend much time here…

Is that an error I see?

How did you get that model?

i made something for gmtower again.
but it probably won’t be seen there until 363 days have passed

not much celebration at the end because i don't know what to put there, but gmtower should be able to handle that. [editline]January 1, 2014[/editline] i know it's late, but mac said he wants his new years thing to work with timezones

I remember seeing a gif with huge amount of circling clocks around this forum last year, that one would have been handy in this situation.

Buy menu I’m working on. Based off CS:GO menu.
Plays sounds for hover and select.

Works well at most resolutions with only a few simple problems to fix on a few.
Unoptimized takes about -5 to -15 fps from ~170-200fps normal.

Select menu preview to the right updates on hover.

Hover Effect

Select Effect

I need to update the list and exchange the categories with the guns list after you select one.
Also need arrow keys and number keys for keyboard navigation.

I’m planning on adding weapon silhouettes to this view, and maybe a small detail text caption under the weapon name.

I have been staring at this thing for too long and need a break now, any criticism or critiques? I need some outside eyes.

You probably meant Barrett M82, there is no weapon called Beretta .50 cal.

Yea I did Haha, I just wanted to throw some technical name in to see what it looked like. It’s just a hand typed placeholder.

Or maybe I’m crazy enough to modify a handgun to fire .50 Cal rounds. Just hope it doesn’t blow your hand off with recoil or a blow out.