GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

Garry uses stencils for halos. Use render.SetStencilWriteMask(255) and render.SetStencilTestMask(255).

wow, ever heard of git ?

you know, forking a repo.

Ofcourse I did, I am using it.
Also, as I said there:
I @ the wrong guy, it wasn’t related to your post

That’s not a stencil issue, that happens because you are clipping the map. Happened to me too.

A while ago, Divran (using a 3D2D vgui wrapper made by Overv) made an entity that displayed derma inside a 3D2D. We where using this entity in an old spacebuild gamemode of mine, but eventually scrapped it, because it was buggy. Over the last few days I’ve gone back to it and the result is this (old video).

Source Code (github)

Went ahead and decided to really make it iPhone-like and add movable icons! I did have to redo how I added apps, wasn’t fun, and how I made the homescreen, not fun either, and then finally tie it into the Config file so it would save which actually was pretty nice cause it was easy. The icons are set up in such a way that it will sort the apps from your config file first and then throw any new ones on the end and it will save across servers. It would be really cool if I made the icons sort themselves in real time and I know how I would do it too (invisible panels!) but I fear that would make the homescreen very prone to Lua errors. My only remaining issue is that Drag and Drop doesn’t really seem to like children so I’m stuck with only moving the app image instead of the image and text. My D&D code is here:

Oh and a little clip of the 2D game I am working on, I am not an artist at all clearly. But making the character have a jump sprite made my day though. His hat flies off!

Is there an easy way to handle drag n’ drop in GLua? Or do you have to do everything from the click event?


there is a dragndrop library

I have no idea if it even works or if it’s meant to be user friendly/applicable

There’s built-in draggable/receivable functionality in Panel objects.

panel:Receiver(name, func, menu)

The built-in functionality is nice, though instead of using the Receiver function I use panel’s OnStopDragging function override and vgui.GetHoveredPanel() because I don’t like the way the built-in Receiver system works.

Maybe NutScript 1.1’s Drag and Drop Item could be helpful?

I always wondered how people keep making those nice menus. Now I know. Thanks a bunch.

EDIT: Looks like there’s a ton of methods available. As always, let’s go for the easy one…

I’m curious, what exactly don’t you like about the receiver functionality?

Awesome! What about folders? When I drag one icon on top of another and hold it there, that lets me make a folder with up to 9 icons in it.

There’s also, in the real iphone, a thing where the lock screen will fade black before the main background pops up, but I can’t figure out how that maths, and dont think its that important really.

I also think your weapon should holster when you pull up the phone, or perhaps do it like the context menu, if you click off the phone, you fire. I guess another idea is, idk if you can do anything similar to ironsights outside of a SWEP or general Weapon itself, but if the gun doesnt holster, it would ironsight below the screen, but if you pop your mouse off the phone it would ironsight back to normal. Holstering seems the easiest option.

Lol, I throw so many ideas at you for your own creation… but I think you could also make it load images in as the background, like .png files. Maybe if the file doesn’t exist, use a default, but let people know what file they should save is called so they could change it.

Folders are my next idea because I currently have no ideas on how to make sideways sliding look good or be easy so I need a place to put more apps. Fade to black is possible, not real high on my to do list though. Which reminds me I need to make it fade to black when you put the phone down.

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I don’t like that I cannot get the children of a panel to move with the panel that I am moving

I tried overwriting 2 spawnlists and I got this nice wave formation.

-Wrong thread

That has happened to me a few times using spawnmenu_reload after saving spawnlist changes.

Yeah, I used spawnmenu_reload when I tried to overwrite the two spawnlists. So it might be a factor of spawmenu_reload or attempting to overwrite a list, or both.

Looks like a pretty solid gamemode, I like it.