GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

Shit Server? No players? Make up for it in admins!

(User was permabanned for this post ("Proxy, probably a gimmick" - SteveUK))

First post, already failed miserably.

as co-owner no less

Lol, that was not what I meant.
Maybe he has a lot players? If the server is constantly full, you need a lot of admins.

But fpspurple

In my defense, he gets shit done.

also waywo … dynamically generated scratch offs

[]( - How can this be improved?

get rid of that icons

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also more sparks.

Put the lock drill over the actual lock, not in the middle of the door :v:

A new style ZS GM built off the ZS engine.

Hud inspired by Alien:Isolation

yea um no

I said I recorded it where it fills in different directions, but then I made it even cooler… so I guess you can just imagine what it would look like if the opening gap were somewhere else (left, right, bottom, or abstract). I recommend waiting for and watching it in HD, to see more detail in the circle.
I ALSO previewed a little bit of my SWEP Base in ALPHA stage.

While the radar effect does look nice, it is quite eye-annoying when it creates itself every 2 seconds in the middle bottom of your screen. I think you need to find a way to reposition it a bit, plus giving it like a constant solid background, otherwise it will distract the player too much.

It only creates itself again and again for testing purposes. It’s just an auto-run file right now. In the end, it will create itself when it’s told to activate. It will demolish itself when it’s told to deactivate. For as long as it’s doing its radar functions, it will be fully formed.

fixed ulx after years

Now I do agree that I should change the location of this radar… well in the end its really just gonna be a motion tracker, but I have no idea where to put it… bottom left aint that original.

The attitude with which you made the PR causes people to be in the defensive position. This diminishes your chances of getting it through.

In other words you went at it terribly.

Yes I know and that was kinda the point

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We are maybe making a serious pr, seeing that ulx is used everywhere, depends on the actual gains tho

people could just stop using it, that’d be great.

And so Matt visited the servers running ULX, bringing the word about the fact that there are other admin mods. He was shunned at first, but no one knows what the future entails.

Ulysses, monday night at BBC 1.