GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

I believe it’s in chronological order of the post.

Holy shit I’m up there.


I’m making bad-air stuffs really cool but still, I don’t know what to do with “Refract” Materials is preventing drawing ViewModel.

Also, Another Highlight, Neat!

I made my own TraceEntity (and hull trace).

One day, I will get up there, and be first to post…

One day…

Apparition system for my future gamemode

Metro 2033 Style Gas-Mask[/t]

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The damage is dynamic

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Simple Video:

Oh, my bad, i was using it without any variable (i was using it like : Vector(42,42,42):Rotate(Angle(25,0,0)) )

Is that a Darth Vader breathing sound effect lol?

Like that ?

I was only moving my head on the left/right, no roll or up/down moving

I made this because holy shit people are complaining about having their E2s stolen by admin abusers.

The reason this isn’t in wiremod by default is because wiremod isn’t an administration addon. It’s a content addon. It’s up to the prop protection mods and admin mods to help administrate servers. (And also, just don’t go to servers with shit admins).

Repost cause it was at the end of the last thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve improved upon my multiplayer code and I believe I’ve got the correct method of doing it but I have yet to actually test the script with another player so it likely wont work. I’ve also designed my own system for timing game events instead of using the default Think function that I call “Tickers”, unfortunately they run in a Think function but it does a better job of being consistent. Using them is optional in games!

You can grab it off my Github if you are interested in developing an application of your own, the app code shouldn't change too much.

I hope it’s less glitchy than XCode :v:

Does this mean i have to make gAndphone?

It was basically a WIP darth vader simulator before he converted it

I created a SublimeLinter plugin to check GLua code for syntax errors, it’s on package control as SublimeLinter-contrib-glua. Make sure to follow the instructions in the GitHub readme to get it to work. It uses cartman300’s GLua compiler, gluac.

There are much better ways to handle that IMO, one being replicating his code in python or writing a simple syntax verifier(similar to what the ACE editor does for Lua)

I didn’t really like my old admin mod so I decided to make another, it’s currently a work in progress but here’s what I’ve done so far.

I’m going to call it d_Admin, it was one of the names I considered for my old one too.

  • Modular tabbed menu, much like Evolve’s and ULX’s.
  • Rank editor - you can assign targetting options too to restrict users using commands on others depending on their immunity. (same as in my old mod)
  • Everything’s stored in MySQL, which is a huge bonus over my old mod.
  • Warning if you try and give any other usergroup root access

Big thanks to aStonedPenguin and thelastpenguin for helping me with the MySQL stuff, and providing pMySQL.

I had been using a different SublimeLinter plugin for regular Lua syntax which already made use of luac. When I discovered gluac, I figured it would be quick and easy to create a new SublimeLinter plugin for GLua syntax. While there might be a better way to handle this, it works for me and I figured others might find it useful.

My gamemode, I’ll show you the registration screen, one of the little things I leak before the Open beta. You’ll hear more about the gamemode once it’s in it’s last phase of the Closed Beta!

I don’t know is it only me, but the title seems to be hard to read. It is almost same color as the background.