GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

Stencils, wheeee!

Just a question.
Why are you storing salary in DarkRP?
Isn’t it set by the job afterall :v:?

I already see muzzle flashes in third person on most of my SWEPs? For the vanilla weapons it appears that after a few shots I dont see anymore muzzle flashes for full auto wepaons, but that might just be me. My sweps also aren’t used in anything nutty…

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Maybe that’s just cus they’re using VALVe models? Idk…

Relics of the past. Back in the day salary was changed by all sorts of things. No one used it, so it was deprecated.

Database tables are hard to change (migration effort etc.), so they’re in there until the next database update.

Since when did anyone give a shit about salaries in DarkRP, most of the time it’s 5k start and buy printers and wait.

I would post this in VGUI WAYWO but I don’t find it that active
I’ve been fucking around with lerp and shit and it took me a reaaaally long time to write the conditional code for it.

That is sexy.

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Depends if someone is shitpoor.

so yeah… better optimization, and more clarity

you can buy the item inside and it syncs to the whole server with amounts etc

idk about that weird box around it, couldn’t you just leave that out?
Then it would look like a normal store where items just sit around

or some kind of replacement effect of just a circular shadow texture below it

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Inspired by this thread, I bring you:

Delayed math.random!

local mathrandom = math.random
function math.random(a,b,delay)
if delay == nil then delay = .5 end
local start = os.clock()
while os.clock() < start+delay do end
return mathrandom(a,b)

Ruin your server, try now!

While with a delay into the while ?

I think it’s a bad idea…

Oh yeah it is

Edit : Oh yeah, i get it now

true, but you wouldn’t know where the hitbox is
pushing it between shelves is finicky as it is

I’m wondering if there is a way to make some kind of multithread module

It’s possible to compile the first link (lthread) as GMod module.


With some simple changes, though.

Does it means it would be possible to make some kind of multithreadind/ed server ?

You can’t make your server multithreaded by loading a multithreaded binary module :v:

yea but you could put expensive blocking lua tasks into another thread

That’s what i meant, thanks.

Only some stuff could be offloaded, but you should be careful about that, there could be race conditions/data corruption/crashes depending on what the functions do.

Working on a wiki for GMod DayZ. With Prizes. I’ve yet to decide on the prizes!