GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

I’m still learning lua, so I’m making a simple build to kill gamemode with a lot of help from facepunch :smiley: Right now I just want to add killstreaks, a shop for a currency I set up and I want to learn how to make really fancy derma things. like, diagonal lines. but for now I can only dream

The wings need to flap faster for it to be an exact dupe of the one from Harry Potter

Oh, I thought you were referring to the actual speed of it moving like going from one point to another not the wings…

Right, well, like I said it’ll get improved, I simply made it float for now.

Okay so I do a lot of trails and thought about drawing them in white/greys so players can the Pointshop colour modify tool to make it more unique to them

If you’re the type of person who makes trails often, I’d really recommend you give it a try! Looks super nice in-game.

-snippity snop-
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fuck I hate when I forget there is another page

Name the gamemode Garry Potter Quidditch

Vinh fixed it

PS: Still mailing you some Camembert.

quality content

When I release my theoretical bullet system along with a few other systems; I could add some hooks which would allow things to behave differently ( need to for rockets, etc… ) but it could help your snitch fly faster…

It doesn’t fly, yet. I’ve only allowed it to float while I was trying to setup the wings animations, I’m still deciding which method I’m gonna use for the snitch’s movement though.

You might want to cheat and do it like the manhack model does - it has a seperate bodygroup for the blade blur that it enables ( and hides the normal blades ) when the manhack spins fast enough. There’s a blur skin for the teleporter rings as well.

Anything else is going to run into the problem of it advancing so far in a small time that it either looks like slow motion / stopped, or moving backwards.

The Cum Before The Storm

Where could I find the code for it, if you have any ideas?

I swear I’ve fucking seen this before. Except on a lower pitch.


bukakke blaster in gmod10 probably
it was really fun, it had cumstrings even

Do it! Garry Potter is the best name ever!

Maybe just for the public quidditch gamemode, but that’s not gonna be my gamemode name!

Really really bored