GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

I think I love you a little

oh that is REALLY fucking sexy.

Good thing you’re not going to keep the BF4 Hud

This one is made by kids, they just took a screenshot, scalled it up to add blur and released it.

C’mon guys if you want to make a HUD based on a game, don’t take a screenshot, make it from scratch, or export the textures (textures from the resources files, not ripped textures, that’s not the same thing) , in BF4 the HUD is rendered using Scaleform GFx, it means everything is vectorized using flash files system (.gfx), that’s why you can’t draw textures but you have to draw vectorized shapes or pseudo-vectorized textures to make “nice lines” and not blury-shit-ugly-lines.

This guy explain/show the pseudo-vectorized-textures system from the source engine (VMT/F textures only)

After going on the link he gives, and changing your VMT files, you’ll need to change the VTF options like these ones :

If you’re lazy, just take this VMT and configuration

	"$basetexture" "crysis_button"   <- change this by your texture name
	"$translucent" 1
	"$vertexalpha" 1
	"$vertexcolor" 1

	$translucent	1
	$distancealpha	1
	$softedges		1
	$edgesoftnessstart	0.9
	$edgesoftnessend	0.65
	$scaleedgesoftnessbasedonscreenres 2

	$vertexcolor	1
	$vertexalpha	1
	$no_fullbright	1
	$ignorez	1



I love how it’s not just some post-processing effect. That model scaling is hilarious.

I integrated microfacet shading with lightmappedreflective. This just has gaussian noise for microfacets, so it’s gaussian blurred.

Any material you guys want to see on this floor? Fresnel reflections are also working.

Undersampled for real-time.

Oh my god…How

I just realized: There’s only one right answer to the question of “What do I do with a reflective floor?”[/t]

This is absolutely gorgeous in motion. Just walking around and looking at it. Holy shit.

Optimize for high quality in real time. Fix any glitches (like Alyx from an older post), then submit this to Garry (or team Garry) for permanent inclusion in the default game files. (of course, with an option to disable for slow pc’s)
I say this because that is incredible! Amazing work!

Holy fucking shit.

What happens if all the walls are that reflective metal with light sources inside?

Nothing, because it’s an rt camera, not ray tracing.

I mean to say if all the walls were that material would they all keep reflecting off each other as if being in a room full of mirrors.

Yeah but the lights wouldn’t be reflected so it wouldn’t be as cool.

The co-owner who was paying the server bills wants out, so the server I coded and administrated for is going down. I figured I might as well give it a proper funeral.

Of course, it gets closer over time and plays the final hour music when the time comes.

I can’t imagine that’d be very good… but would it really work? You render in an order, even if it’s in the same function without any timers. The first wall rendered wouldnt see the new render of the last wall; conversely, the last wall wouldnt see the original version of the first wall. may help you out with your project

Have been working on and off on a workshop(/ site with added features such as optional GitHub API integration, a more feature filled and lua_error_url library.

Most of it is complete or at least functional.
Not sure how much people would even like/use something like this so I don’t know if it will go live when completed. Has been fun to make either-way.

Unflattering image. Needs a design once everything is completed.

I know that and Open Scripts threads already exist but they don’t really show any sign of life.

Please record it when the time comes. I wanna see how you did it!

It’s just a ClientsideModel, a bit of arithmetic using os.time and sound.PlayURL for the music.