GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

It’s already there.

There are just too many bars under everythink like Map in a box said, also the hud is kinda wierd. Also
first you got a bar on top for the main hud part, and for the diffrent “display bars”(Health, Money,…) you got them at the bottom.

State of the art wall avoidance technology.

So basically you’re making a jump bot so you can play gmod jump simulator™ fully automated

what have you done

this is what happens when i get bored

Awesome, I made a Flappy Bird clone app

I’ll post the code when I’ve finsished

i tried making exactly this and i gave up like an hour later

mind sharing code :x

Thats just amazing! I cant wait to try it out

It’s a hook in CreateMove that traces ahead by the player’s velocity, calculates how far the hitpos is away from the predicted pos, and turns accordingly.

local lookahead = 0.5
local ply = LocalPlayer()
hook.Add("CreateMove", "bhop_turn", function(cmd)
	local vel = ply:GetVelocity()
	vel.z = 0
	tr = util.TraceHull{
		start = ply:GetPos(), 
		endpos = ply:GetPos() + vel * lookahead,
		mins = Vector(-16, -16, 0),
		maxs = Vector(16, 16, 72),
		filter = ply,
	if tr.Hit then
		local ang = cmd:GetViewAngles()
		ang.y = ang.y + (cmd:GetSideMove() / -10000) * tr.HitPos:Distance(ply:GetPos()  + vel * lookahead) / 100

hook.Add("CreateMove", "bhop", function(cmd)
	if not cmd:KeyDown(IN_JUMP) then return end --do we even want to bhop
	if LocalPlayer():IsOnGround() then return end --would we wanna jump
	if LocalPlayer():GetMoveType() == MOVETYPE_NOCLIP or LocalPlayer():WaterLevel() >= 2 then return end --does it make sense to jump?
	cmd:SetButtons(cmd:GetButtons() - IN_JUMP) --while in air, don't jump	

Warning–it might set your eyeangle’s yaw to infinity.

It isn’t proper flappy garry without garry’s face on it!

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Slap garry’s face on it.

I couldn’t find a side view of Garry’s face unfortunately

Just use this[/t]
EDIT: Here’s a shitty paint cut out

I don’t really know what to do with the scoreboard. I’ll have to get some information in there like kills, and such. If you’re wondering about the dragon in the middle, a friend of mine just said it as a joke, but it ended up quite nicely.

The text to speech kinda sucks, though. It was pretty slow :tinfoil:

ill blow you later

i think mins and maxs should be -12, -12 and 12, 12 tho

Just wondering how you did those bars at the bottom? I’ve seen that style before just not sure how to recreate it efficiently.

how has this not been brought up in the TTS conversation:

Looks like an HUD I made a month ago

has the dark bar under everything fad not stopped yet?

Should I do the info like this?