GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

I didnt want the look of the default text entry and I couldnt paint it correctly. So I just made the text entry Paint function do nothing so its invisible and put a label over it. And then a flashing caret on the label. Its kinda silly but it doesnt look as bad


could this help? not sure how it works for fonts, but for colors it works and it keeps the caret

I’ve been working on a fortwars gamemode, which I just posted a thread for in GIP

This is the first gamemode I’ve started that’s actually gotten somewhere :dance:

Might as well autocomplete chat commands too.

Your code is so horrendously unreadable… what the fuck are you doing using underscores for everything? No one even does that anymore.

Also nice double declaration of _u, and unused _v. Must be the readability of your code.

Autocomplete is great.

you just wouldn’t understand, it’s ~a school~ thing

I need this :open_mouth:

I feel silly and like I’m missing something

Like, I thought autocomplete was a default thing? Why are we so excited

autocomplete is a default thing for the console commands themselves, not their arguments

Eh, better than overriding every gmod function without adding value. Haven’t seen you around lately, what have you been up too, cookie?

Nah, it was me testing a few things; if _u is 1 the texture is straight, if the other _u is used then it spirals.

_ is used as an identifier in my coding standards which adds meaning, meaning I can tell more about the variable by the name just by 1 character.

snipped to save drama

Seriously people should drop the _ shit, it’s how he codes so get over it, no one else will pick on using _'s so why does everyone care so much?

Sorry for that but most of acecool’s posts have people taking the piss out of him, it’s just stupid imo.

– On Topic

Finished the database / loading / saving of payday gamemode, Screenshots when i’m back home

pimped the farming stuff a bit with my global text display and clip planes, and removed timers and tick functions

now it can’t be watered though, which is a shame.

to follow the gmod GC hell(see, cam, halo for example)

sorry to ‘gravedig’ this post but instead you could just make it so it sends data infrequently (2-10 times) and then just interpolate between the data (or something)
this is assuming that it’s pretty much only visual

Have i gone overboard yet? v:v:v

I still have to find more recipes though, it’s hard.[/T] [T][/T]

Doing some hud work for fortwars, trying to make it look nice while keeping it simple.

The colour on the health bar will decrease in size the more hurt the player is (and it’s lerped so it’s nice and smooth)

Nailed it!