GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

With manual face flexes?

No longer being clamped? Perhaps not, but a lot of them seem to be inverted. When I try to flex a vortigaunt’s face, the flexes for “closing” the eyes just make them open up wider! It doesn’t let me invert them, either.

nah, just added the total fft / 4 to the normal mouth movement amount

thank you for this idea

to anyone wondering:

sound.PlayURL(“","”,function() end)

[del]Only seems to work for players though?[/del]

i guess you wrote something specifically for npcs

I’ve never tried doing a custom weapon selector, so this was a bitch. I’m happy it’s done!

That looks amazing! You should make the menu vanish too once you choose a weaopn

That’s the next part. I’m trying to figure out how to set a single timer for it because the methods I’ve tried create multiple timers that fuck up the conditional parts for visibility.

Never used an outdated version again! I’ll make it visible from the homescreen with those app badge things and then the installation button will take you to the Steam page so either you can update the addon or you can tell your server owner to. It uses my own word wrap too which I’ve found more useful than Gmod’s.

Is there a hook for that or do you manually check the scroll wheel and mouse inputs?

Does it run all slow when you update it until you fork up 200 dollars to buy the new phone? That would be more realistic. Really ramp up the immersion.

Are any of you guys working on a gamemode similar to “The Ship”. Would be pretty cool =P

you don’t really need a hook, you can check for invnext, invprev, and +attack in PlayerBindPress, or at least that’s how I did mine forever ago

Niandra was working on a Ship Gamemode

Yeah it will be super slow until you buy the 20$ upgrade from Scriptfodder

“was working on a Ship Gamemode”

I think I saw a picture of it that she posted. Also since you said “was”, is it still being worked on?

Getting closer to completion on my Team Deathmatch Gamemode. Team Red vs Team Blue. With a class system.[/T]

I plan on releasing it publicly when everything is polished out and features for customization are added in. Kinda surprised there isn’t a decent publicly released Team Deathmatch yet.

I am a relatively new coder, so the main thing that’s missing is an advanced spawning system. If anyone is up to help, just let me know.

What do you mean by “advanced spawning system”?

Here is a simple spawn system:

It needs a point entity ( one will be spawned; download the one at the top of the script ) and you to fill in the information of how it looks for the spawn-point…

If you only have 2 teams, it’ll make things easy to populate. Simple add vectors / angles to a table using team as key, then use table.Random or whatever to select a spawn; if the spawn-point can’t be used it’ll recursively continue to look until a free one is available.

You could also load existing map spawn-points into the lists by looking for point entities on the map.

By advanced, I guess I mean a system more like Call of Duty’s way of spawning in Team Deathmatch. Sure at the start, teams spawn in two separate areas across the map.

But as people die, you are spawned in a “safer” part of the map, “near” teammates. Instead of sticking to just info_player_terrorist and info_player_counterterrorist, the spawns rotate as the match progresses, and there are different spawn points all over the map.

Right now the system I use is simple, and there is some spawn protection in place so players don’t die immediately, but generally the other team knows where you are spawning and will always run in that direction, disregarding sections of the map.