GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

Nah. The blurr texture massively derps in 3D space… if I get a chance I’ll post screenshot of what it looks like without the rendering tricks I used. Basically the blur texture takes some fragment of the screen and blurs that, that fragment obviously isn’t going to properly map to what’s actually behind the panel after the 3d projection has been applied, so you’ll get a blurred segment of some random part of the screen… it looks pretty weird but a bit awesome.

I did as Arizard suggested use stencils for it.[/t]

Took me about 15 minutes to get it right. Had to use custom material tho. ( Edited pp/dof with solid $basetexture )

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hook.Add( "PostDrawTranslucentRenderables", "example", function()

		cam.Start3D2D(Vector( 0, 0, 0 ), Angle( 0, 0, 0 ), .1 )
			local matBlurScreen = Material( "dof" )
			surface.SetMaterial( matBlurScreen )
			surface.SetDrawColor( 255, 255, 255, 255 )
			for i=1, 10 do
				matBlurScreen:SetFloat( "$blur", Fraction )
				render.UpdateFullScreenDepthTexture( )
				render.UpdatePowerOfTwoTexture( )
				render.UpdateRefractTexture( )
				if ( render ) then render.UpdateScreenEffectTexture() end -- Todo: Make this available to menu Lua
				surface.DrawTexturedRect( - ScrW()/2, 0, ScrW(), ScrH() )
			// Black box overlay + outline
			draw.RoundedBox( 0,  - ScrW()/2, 0, ScrW(), ScrH(), Color(0,0,0, 200) )
			surface.SetDrawColor( 0, 0, 0, 255 )
			for i=0,5 do
				surface.DrawOutlinedRect(  -ScrW()/2 + i, 0 + i, ScrW() - i*2, ScrH() - i*2 )
end )

dof.vmt ( I am sure you can pick something better than models/wireframe and strip it down more )

	"$model" 1
	"$dudvmap" "models/wireframe"
 	"$normalmap" "models/wireframe"
 	"$refractamount" "0"
	"$vertexalpha" "1"
	"$vertexcolor" "1"
	"$translucent" "1"
	"$forcerefract" 1
 	"$bluramount" "1"
	"$nofog" "1"

		"$fallbackmaterial" "null"

Now someone make an Aero panel skinset.

What changes were made to actually make it work with 3D? Like why does your material edit but the old one doesn’t?

Just curious. I’m really not familiar with valve’s texture system at all, the documentation is quite le mess.

I have no idea, compare pp/dof.vmt (or my vmt) and pp/blurscreen.vmt and see for yourself.

Liberty Prime stuff

This thread causes me a specific kind of pain.

“I could have made this”

Time to fap that Agree button.

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We should make a hashtag for this.

There’s too much stuff for everyone to make, so don’t feel bad. Make something new.

i’m always so, so very envious of people who can actually make effects. Those are so, so very beautiful and fitting, and the sounds add to it even more and it all comes together amazingly!

Second day back into GLua, and so far I’ve got certain things to work, including returning the crosshair back to the pitch value of your first bullet after a series of bullets (like in Counter-Strike), as well as somewhat randomized recoil as a whole. (I don’t like guessable/easy to memorize recoil patterns.) I haven’t done anything with inaccuracy/cones yet, because I’m working on my own ShootBullet function, which does multiple traces to simulate bullet drop:

I’m not a huge fan of bullet drop, though, so in my gamemodes it will probably be super negligible. I’ve exaggerated it for this demonstration.

Like, two weeks ago I sent Rockmania a message on ScriptFodder asking if I could make an achievement pack for him and sell it as DLC. Since he never responded I was like ‘you know, I think I’m at a stage where I can make a whole achievement system’

I still haven’t found a colour scheme I really like. I know the close button and scroll-bar are out of place and need work. The small extra bit at the bottom was going to be, like, a search bar but I may scrap it entirely. I showed my friend and he said that the font on the left buttons looks bad, which is fair enough since it’s fuckin default

I drew all the icons in white and greys, so users can decide their own colour in the config, as well as highlight them when the user has completed the achievement.

Completion message:

I’ve also made a bunch of trails as completion rewards:

I’ve so far written 56 achievements, each with their own icon, and have a config to go with it, too. Progress has kinda slowed this last week since I need to figure out how to handle saving/retrieving data. Like, my friend is helping with do MySQL for it, but I’m kinda struggling a lot.

Have you tried message him with korean? :v:

Well, Enough of joke, I’m just fixing bugs and coding small stuffs for NutScript.
Not really visually impressive, I’m currently figuring out how to gather generic hl2 vehicles and other script vehicles in one piece.

Currently I’ve made common fuel system for generic hl2 and scar vehicles.[/t]

Decided to finish my adminmod UI.

I quite like the black colored one you have, Are you going to be releasing your admin mod or ? Because I wouldn’t mind using it if you did release it, I need a replacement for ULX

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I swear you’re by far the best Graphics designer I’ve seen, I love seeing you post your work since it’s so good looking

It will probably stay private as long as I have a use for it.

I keep saying this to you over and over but please just use a NoSQL solution, either JSON encoded data saved to a text file or MongoDB or anything but relational SQL; your data is going to be wide column and MySQL simply isn’t designed for that, which is why you’re having trouble getting anywhere.

I can’t remember how to print screen on a MAC but I looked up MongoDB because I’ve never really seen it mentioned on FP. Found this and apparently it’s windows only which could be pretty bad:

Cmd-Shift-3 (Cmd-Shift-4 to select a region to capture).

Auto saves to desktop.