GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

Put it in now!

Yes, I am still working on this, and attention to small detail this time round.

Why not just use right click for the “use”, “eat”, etc?

You can have both.

You will run out of space to put different action boxes to sooner or later :v:
They seem very redundant to me.

Decided to switch over to using IMesh for rendering the chunks. This allows me for much bigger chunks with more pixels in them which will give me more fps. The performance is far better than earlier, and the pixel edges are so clean now! Only downside is that it takes slightly longer to build the mesh, but that is to be expected. It is only noticeable when building a completely filled chunk.

(Atleast I'm not drawing dicks, that's good.)

Here’s one million pixels rendered at ~70 fps (fps is normally around 270, so the drop is quite big)!

That’s just a slowdown of 0.0105 ms, fps is not linear, it’s not a huge drop.

I don’t need any more, people liked them so they stayed:

I know FPS is not linear, but when looking at numbers it’s quite big. I still think FPS is a retarded way to display render times. We should all stop using fps and start using milliseconds instead.

Yeah, we should stop using miles per hour and use hours per mile.

And monitors that have at most a 8.3̅3̅3ms frame delay.

As long as monitors are measured in their framerate/hz, it makes sense to render video output in the same method.

If you think it’s going to take awhile for Killburn to finish his stuff then might as well add it in. The more, the merrier!

Creative use of Lerp()

Dear god I hope he used Lerp()

Why don’t you make the “icon” option a table instead, so you can have as many icons as you want. Like, if you need to hold 3 buttons or something.

EDIT: Could even let it be a string or a table. If a string, it only renders one, if a table, it loops and renders them all with plusses in between.

Generated a mandlebrot with the size 1024x1024.[/t]

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It had to be done.

x = x + 1


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quick add pugs to the image or niandra will get you

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