GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

Started poking with these again :v:

Really shitty, start over.

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The amount of not realistic the flying is has always bothered me. It’s pretty cool though! I like making helicopters, programming [del]realistic[/del] fairly realistic tilt response and all, but I don’t have any good models to do it with except maybe the combine helicopter.

Fuck off.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yeah what a fucker. Geez, some people.

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More skybox junk, I’m using a seperate part of the map as a new custom ‘skybox’, through these windows. The same can be done with stencils, but I’m just abusing the skybox override functions for this one :v:

trying to make a decent ai, so far i dubbed it PseudoAI

as of now it’s a glorified aimbot with a few tricks

Realism in games has always been the game developer’s worst nightmare.
Calculations, corrections, math, etc…
There’s not shame with developing anything less.
Creating something “perfectly” realistic is more difficult then TheActualFuck could ever imagine.
I really like how your airplanes turned out.
People can’t truly criticize someone and their work unless they’ve accomplished something similar.

People who are ignorant or immature can’t grasp the concept of self-worth and self-accomplishment.

Continue working on what you wish. Focus on things worth your time. Finally, screw anyone who tells you otherwise. At least that’s my advice.

Getting back on topic though…

Through shrinking the size of everything, I’ve managed to increase map space at least 4 times the normal amount.

Here’s an overview of the roads I’ve been creating using 3ds max, exported into hammer.

I recently posted a video on this thread. I forgot to include this photo to display exactly how big the map is.

A short cut to the video can be found here.
I’m still going to be dealing with source-engine’s limits (8024 brush limit, displacement limit, etc…)

I have though about that. There’s always some way in gmod (:V)

Plus, I also need to consider just doing the houses as just models. Keep roads only as brushes n, displacements.

At least you’re already comfortable modelling the roads instead of mapping them. You can always just keep replacing brushes with models :v:

Don’t forget about Propper. It will probably make your life easier.

Probably going to want this too

So i finally figured out how to use sound.PlayURL to use the Penis Corp TTS API

If its in TTT, you can only use it when alive, and on DarkRP it sends it to everyone when using OOC, or to people within 800 units


	local TP = function()
			if ( IsValid(tts) ) then

	local CheckDead = false
	local OOC = false
	if engine.ActiveGamemode()=="terrortown" then CheckDead = true end
	if engine.ActiveGamemode()=="darkrp" then OOC = true end
	if OOC and CheckDead==false then 
		if txt.Explode(" ")[1]==string.lower("/ooc") or txt.Explode(" ")[1]==string.lower("//") then 
			if ply:GetPos():Distance(LocalPlayer():GetPos())<800 then TP() end
	if CheckDead and OOC==false then 
		if dead==false and ply:IsSpec()==false then 
	if CheckDead==false and OOC==false then 

yes i know the variable names are terrible

On a side note, how do i play a sound on a player using this?

I decided that I had to finish my latest ATM update before I release my phone… So I’m working on a way to fully customize the ATM without having tough the code! Now people can model and add them to my ATMs with ease.

Although I didn't do it in the video, under the "Screen Display" tab, you can change the welcome screen.

I still have to work on customizing the money dispensing animation, the card insert animation, and the sounds.

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You can also open the default and other custom setups to edit or derive for them. That way you can just change the colours and stuff without having to re-create the default ATM.

sexy bank + curved 3d2d scrolling text + npcs

It looks like you might be achieving that with multiple 3D2D contexts. Am I right?

I hope not, that could easily be a rendertarget texture on a model/mesh

It’d have less z fighting if it was rendered to a texture that was put on a curved mesh that rotates instead of rendering each letter seperately.

I am actually very curious how that was done and how soon it will be released to the public.
I’ve been wanting to make a Sword Art Online menu for a long time now.

Grab the current render target to a variable. It’s the screen. Set the render target to a new render target. Draw some plain 2d text. It won’t be visible on the screen, because the render target is not the screen. Copy the render target to a texture. Set the render target back to the screen. Use that texture in a material, on a rotating curved surface.

Good stuff man. Is this the map you said you almost hit the brush limit in? Looks sick.


Phongs are amazing guys, check out the difference:

For everyone who doesn’t know what it is, it’s an amazing way to enhance your model’s textures:

Here’s the code I use, please feel free to change the entity.

local entPolish = LocalPlayer( ).Vehicle

local materials = entPolish:GetMaterials( )

for index, matPath in pairs( materials ) do
	print( "PHONG MAT CREATED!", matPath )
	local iMat = Material( matPath )
		iMat:SetInt( "$phong", 1 )
		iMat:SetInt( "$phongexponent", 5 )
		iMat:SetString( "$phongexponenttexture", matPath )
		iMat:SetFloat( "$phongboost", 0.2 )
		iMat:SetString( "$PhongFresnelRanges", "[1 1 1]" )