GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

-snip- I can’t read

Hey where is that guy who made that beautiful console coloured print thing? I want it.

Really neat, I want to do some stuff with PC backlights like that. I just need to figure out which one, I was thinking of getting a Mad Catz Cyborg amBX, but still looking atm.

Another Example, Jail Door Manager

consider parenting mirror-shaped models that exist only clientside to where the mirrors are, to get the material UV right

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and go for really really pixelated mirrors, to not hurt fps
then apply blur to them

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which is as simple as drawing a blur material ontop of them, or perhaps even a flag like phong is; i don’t know much about blurring methods

try to avoid post-process

Still occasionally working on a 4 player (wave-based/survival’ish) gametype for my gamemode, where you have one different character per player:

(video may contain greed, akimbo shotguns, me, dying a lot, and a perturbator on the background)

imagine a game like that where everyone controls the same player and their inputs are averaged

Wouldn’t creating an IMesh with the mirror material applied be better than creating a clientside entity? Simply store the mirror vertices + position for each car model, create the IMeshes and translate + rotate them to the car mirrors should work just fine.

Well I meant that you can’t have duplicate characters, because of that :v:

And integrate it into Twitch to let the viewers play the game!

Can you make it flash for when really low health??

Everyone, give this gamemode more love

It’s amazing and Necrossin is super talented

just reached 1600 sounds, and this thing needed some modifications to handle it…
now reads folders instead of categories, and it’s much easier to add to it

Whoops, I forgot about it. Here you go:

For those who don’t know what is that all about:

I created a Lua-JS bridge, which atm only supports calling JS functions from Lua.

Basically you can do this

local dhtml = vgui.Create("DHTML")
    test = {}
    test.inner = {}
    test.inner.func = function(str, num, obj) {
        console.log("str: " + str);
        console.log("num: " + num);
        console.log("obj.str: " + obj.str);
        console.log("obj.num: " + obj.num);
        console.log("obj.innerTable.key: " + obj.innerTable.key);

local bridge = dhtml.Bridge

bridge.test.inner.func("Hello JS", 42, {
    str = "string",
    num = 13,
    innerTable = {
        key = "value"

-- Need to give some time for JS to run
timer.Simple(2, function()

and it’ll print

Here’s the repository:

I’ve wanted a generic show function for ages, one that prints useful representations of both normal values and tables. Both print and PrintTable fail in that regard. Thanks for making it happen!

this would actually make me play single player gmod

Seriously, why with the dumb ratings? I continue not to understand. Well the simple fact that drawing mirrors for only the driver would be a lot better for performance. In the case that there is more than one car at a time, this idea would also greatly improve performance. I also understand that using only one RT texture would increase performance.

I’m still struggling to get shit done on my Naval Warfare gamemode. Boats, planes, airships, that fun stuff. My coders kind of suck at the whole being-reliable thing, and I’ve been trying to un-break resourcing on my own.


I have no idea how to get video linking to work. :V

I think the music should be a little more intense, to better fit the action, the genre is good though.

This looks VERY cool! It’s not my favorite style of gameplay, but I would totally play it. This is too awesome to pass up. It looks very fun! Do you have any idea of when you’ll release it?