GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

What about trying something new, this doesn’t work at all

You mean the looks? I have made it to look like the html main menu, because apparently nobody likes what I do but are too lazy to suggest/say anything useful.

Stroll around the WAYWO VGUI thread to see what people like.

Sorry I am not adding darker shade colored boxes under everything.

literally the entire OP is about how not to use trends

Update on the Gmod Docker thing:

I’ve been working on the backend, ukgamer has been working on the frontend

anybody have that thing where it checks if an account is family shared

it was in a old waywo


yes thank you very much

I just hope this runs on your server and not off of Meta’s bandwidth because things can get ugly pretty quick…

Other than that, I love the design of it.

I have another implementation of the Steam API:


	local _steamid, _steamid64, _steamid3 = util.TranslateSteamID( _steam );

	// Check out if user is connected using Family Sharing account; check bans on Family Sharing SteamID
	steam:PlayerFamilySharing( _steam, 4000, function( _bShared, _lenderID )
		MsgC( COLOR_CYAN, "[" .. GAMEMODE.Name .. "]", COLOR_GREEN, "-", COLOR_GREEN, "FamilySharingBans: [ \"" .. _name .. "\" " .. _lenderID .. " ]" );
		if ( _bShared ) then
			MsgC( COLOR_RED, " IsShared - checking bans using new id...
" );
			// This is where you'd pass _lenderID as "SteamID" into your ban checker...
			-- bans.check_bans( _name, _lenderID, _ip );
			MsgC( COLOR_YELLOW, " !IsShared
" );
			// Not using family sharing...

		// OR you could use a hook and check in the hook... if _isShared then check _lenderID
		hook.Call( "PlayerConnectedFamilySharing", GAMEMODE, _isShared, _steam, _steamid, _steamid64, _lenderID );
	end );

I use player_connect to check…

We aren’t going to spoonfeed you ways to try something new, that’s for you to decide. GTop

is an example of something new, so why not try innovating?

Assuming Internet Explorer brings you to the in-game overlay web browser, I think you should change the browser title. “Internet Explorer” suggests an extreme amount of latency and general lag… and I have several people who’ll agree with me there. Some of the other buttons are very easy to understand their function, but what do all of them do? The ones I can’t assume the function of would be “My Computer” and “:v:

It is a windows remake. Internet Explorer is the browser that came with windows. I don’t think anyone is going to care that there is an icon called ie anyway.

Wouldn’t you want to have Shut Down either at the bottom of the program list or crammed into the corner of the screen where you won’t ever click it by accident?

I’m assuming you have to double-click.

I am working on a computer mod. Essentially players can create an account and they can do as they please inside their accounts directory. At least, that is the theory. All I have at the moment is account creation.

I am basing it off an older project( so some of the work is already done.

Pretty much all I have to show for it is this:

I will probably never end up finishing it because I am lazy.

Updated it with my W8 theme, almost finished, too lazy to make the bottom looking nice, and the cross for closing the window won’t draw.

Forked from your repo :

It’s running off my server right now, but I have a lot less monthly bandwidth than Meta. That said, these gamemodes aren’t very bandwidth-intensive, especially compared to what we do there.

Indeed. Its also in start menu and you can remove icons/add shortcuts.