GMod - What are you working on? January 2015 (#41)

Indeed. Its also in start menu and you can remove icons/add shortcuts.

Working on recoding one of my favourite gamemodes, No, It’s not DarkRP.

Not sure if i like the hud or not :<

The top bar’s gray background is too wide. Make it extrude the same as the height

Not too sure on how to properly rotate this in order to make the barrel face my true eye angles. I’ve tried a few different methods like rotating eye angles in CalcViewModelView hook and returning my new values but I don’t notice any changes.

Use [noparse][media]
[/noparse] tags, and remove the S from HTTPS.

Something tells me it’s basewars?

Shuttle transportation


Well, I suppose it shall remain Internet Explorer, but I feel like that’s an insult to the steam overlay browser. I feel like steam’s browser functions very nicely, where as internet explorer is a little laggy. Hell, I’ll even say it, on my computer when I start up Internet Explorer it freezes almost instantly. I have a pretty good computer, or so I’ve been told when I share my specs. 16 GB of RAM and 8 processor cores.

What do you think the overlay browser uses for rendering? Opera?

Something really fucking outdated and shit

Dam, you guessed.

I’ve always had trouble with the old gamemode and decided that the best way to understand how the dam gamemode works would be to make it myself.

I’m not going to do what the other versions have done and change how the game plays, as that ruins it.

It will be the same style of gameplay, just far less laggy and troublesome.

Will post updates somewhere, probably here.

What, at 1.33GHz a core? IE loads fine on my machine, even though I don’t use it.

Are i only one who used ie 1 time?
I used it to download Chrome when i changed windows and never opened.
I dont even know where it is located at my desktop…

Just found a decent way of generating glow around stuff, it’s actually quite neat:

I’ve looked at your code and decided all those ifs for commands looked ugly.
So I’ve added command handling:

( sorry for such a shitty comparison, wasn’t sure how else to show this really )

Also forked from the repo,

Whether or not it references IE’s files and/or DLL’s, it functions a lot better!!!

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No, 3.40 GHz

Huh wow, it’s not running that poorly now… hmm… I started it up and it was VERY laggy, but after a few seconds it fixed up… still, I recall times trying to just open google and the whole app froze. I think it doesn’t function very well with too many tabs open at once. With Chrome, I went a while when I always had at least 20 tabs open, each one for a reason, and no problem. (right now I have 9 open, 3 of them are facepunch threads)

Well you’ll be happy to hear that it doesn’t use the overlay browser.

@ExtReMLapin wow, ever heard of tables? jeez.

Blame me. I got lazy. :~)