GMod - What are you working on? July 2015 (#47)

Highlights from the previous thread


Woo, highlights!

cool highlights

hey look 3rd comment

Darn it still didn’t get in. I’ll just have to make a full on stealth boy now.

Webserver in lua using bromsockets. Better styled error pages to be announced.

nevermind then.

trying to recreate HAC’s boom effect just for fun

I’m thinking the same.
I probably should’ve fully finished gm_cwin and made a youtube vid of me playing gbc in gmod or something before posting here :v’s%20AntiCheat/lua/HAC/sv_Boom.lua


so far i’ve only used the sound effects he’s used, none of his code. (excluding timing)

So according to the highlights I actually accomplished something last month.

Damn lack of motivation.

A mix of missing motivation and bad timing. Was in highlights the last two months and didn’t even finished one of the projects. Should be able to push a project out this month, if I stop recreating everything.

Damn, finally. Got it to detect the mass and divide by a number that makes the WG / Weight suitable. Hope people like the gui.

Nice job!
Gui actually looks really cool, though i would make the size a bit smaller (make the faded part closer to the actual gui stuffs)

Wow! The highlights are interesting. I guess I’m late, as I only recently joined and never got to see any of the past threads but wow! Good work guys, keep it coming!(hope I can find a spot in the highlights of some month, I’ve been coding GMod stuff for a while now)

I know this isn’t a Lua thing but I figured since it’s still Gmod-related I’d post it here. I made a workshop uploader in C#, works on creating the addon.json, packaging the addon up and uploading it to the workshop for you, moreso just for ease of use. I plan on releasing it here in the next day or so once I finish tweaking the menus and making the code cleaner.

wow first time being in the highlights!

i also finally got around to making a video about the improvements i made to the vending machine

anybody have suggestions on what i should add next?

Make buying in multiples a thing

you can set it up to spawn shipments