GMod - What are you working on? July 2017 (#71)

Highlights from the previous thread

Not too many highlights this month as last month’s thread was quite short.

Since there isn’t a perfect way to do hitboxes through lua, I did some expirementing with actual animations through wOS base and managed to get it basically 1:1 with how it was before:

Sadly, I couldn’t get the animations from insurgency as they’re not backwards compatible with GMod’s engine (version 48) vs Insurgency’s (49), and trying to decompile .ani files pretty much breaks everything.

Despite this, and how poorly Source has aged in other areas, I’m otherwise impressed with the sequence/animation .QC system and how I was able to make these animations from scratch without touching a piece of animation software once. All of this was done through notepad++. Still have a few edges to rough out, but this means I can rely on the accurate hitbox bones (the blue ones in the video, typically used for bullet collision) instead of having to do workarounds with EntityFireBullet or hull changes.

Also, warning to others interested in learning the QC, it took me about 9 hours of this:

before I even got started on the animations, but if you really want to learn how to do it you need to read these:

@solid_jake, still need to finish up the rest of the holdtypes, but I would like to talk about making this an ‘official’ extension or helping you integrate them into your system. I actually already have it set up on the base and am using it for testing, but I wouldn’t mind sending you the original QC files so you can once-over them if you’d like.

Don’t usually do DRP but I took up a job so I thought I’d share the ui

You better be getting paid handsomely for this one.

50% discount for the close button


I took to beginning development on the sequel to my old Toxsin X gamemode. I’m focusing heavily on making it really easy to add classes, weapons, music, achievements, and cheat codes. I’m also reintroducing game types ( starting with Toxsin X and ReDead gametypes ). The footage is heavy alpha but I figure I should start documenting how these things grow.

I would like to point out that your PC dying because you’re hosting a listen server is indeed a feature of this

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That’s awesome work dude, and it’d be an honor! The only thing I’d need the QC for is to rename the model but I’m sure you’re more than capable. I would only really recommend putting it up on github as a source. Which reminds me I have to do the same.

I’m curious though, the leaning is hold type specific or are you making that a universal gesture?

The Hotline Miami music fits.

What map is that?

An OMG City edit that was made for ReDead

Damn those screenshots are old

Hey! Guess we got hired by the same person, looks good; sure he is happy.

(non facepunch laggy version:

(Text and perfect docking will come last)

nice console command

Did you steal my 1942 exclusive

One day I will finish it

what a coincidence, i tell myself the same thing all the time…

anyway have a laser idk what I’m gonna do with it, I don’t make guns. considered making it into some kind of lightning strike but WHO KNOWS?

Haha no, those planets were place holders. (I believe from SWTOR pack? Dunno, they’re for sure not earth, mars or pluto)

Sequel to laser dance confirmed

Nutscript CityRP Citizen Customization is nearly done.
Now it can manage bodygroup and submaterial or both with simple code.

			{price = 5000, find = "models/btcitizen/citizen_sheet", group = 1, mat = "citizensheet/sheet_25"},
			{price = 5000, find = "models/btcitizen/citizen_sheet", group = 1, mat = "citizensheet/sheet_reich"},
			{price = 5000, find = "models/btcitizen/prague_civ_rioter_body_col_a", group = 2, mat = "models/btcitizen/prague_civ_rioter_body_col_a"},
			{price = 5000, find = "models/btcitizen/prague_civ_rioter_body_col_a", group = 2, mat = "models/btcitizen/prague_civ_rioter_body_col_b"},
			{price = 5000, find = "models/btcitizen/citizen_summer", group = 5, mat = "models/btcitizen/summersheet/citizen_summer11"},
			{price = 5000, find = "models/btcitizen/citizen_summer", group = 5, mat = "models/btcitizen/summersheet/citizen_summer_camo"},

			{price = 5000, group = 6},


Are you using a bunch of pre made images with color variants? Or are you doing it all with the surface/draw library?

Whenever I’m making huds and other stuff I feel like it would be easier to just make some images and just use those as a bunch of materials, would that be innefficient or would it not really make a difference?

I can make a very educated guess that it’s mostly premade images and materials. It’s far, far too complicated to do with only drawing simple shapes.

Now, hear me out,

Fuck me that’s a blast from the past, loved that game as a kid.

So, thought I’d finally start to try and finish up my Pipboy 2500 T menu for TTT, its coming along quite nicely now. Just need to tidy it up a bit more and change up the remnants of default derma and it’ll be good to go.