GMod - What are you working on? June 2016 (#58)

Tried making it move? If so what was the performance impact? Infinite maps by moving the mesh rather than the player and generating new as it moves :v:

needs more blur

How long does it take to build the mesh? My experience with gmod’s mesh APIs has not been good, to the point that I ended up making a binary module to do voxel shit fast.

Unfortunately I never figured out how to load my own shaders, which was kind of a punch in the cocksucker as I really really needed to load my own shaders to make it work good.

I have an i7-4770 3.40 GHz and a GeForce GT 635 which is only 1024 MB

With the biggest one I’ve generated, 3,538,944 vertices, I get around 45 fps. Note that I’ve yet to not render chunks out of my view.

No clue how to move it unless I recreate it. I assume there’s some sort of model translate / render translate function. But I just haven’t looked it up because I don’t think I’ll be moving the mesh. Although procedural terrains sound cool.

Whenever I’m testing I usually generate 2x2 maps, which is 4 chunks in total, each with 2304 points. To generate that, it takes less than a second. However, with the biggest one I’ve generated, 16x16, 256 chunks, each again with 2304 points, that one must’ve taken around 30 seconds to generate.

At first I had planned for the server to generate the mesh, and send it to client. But it’s just going to take a massive amount of time, and bandwidth, to network the map to all clients. So now I just send the specifications from the server, and have the client build it based on those.

As for the shaders, I’m just using models/shiny and changing its basetexture to snow, recomputing, then using that material.

Hi guys, I’m figuring out how to make a texture do a mirror reflection. I know that gm_construct has a mirror in one of the rooms and I had a friend tell me that someone managed to make a mirror plane once here as well.

Could anyone link me to that or tell me how the reflection is done? Is it some sort of a unique envmap generated on the fly?

So I found this old post here:

"Found the .vmt (in common/GarrysMod/sourceengine/hl2_misc_dir.vpk):

"lightmappedreflective" {    
 "%tooltexture" "dev/flat_normal"    
 "$refracttexture" "_rt_WaterRefraction"   
  "$refractamount" "0"     "$refracttint" "[.5 .5 .6]"   
   "$reflecttexture" "_rt_WaterReflection"    
 "$reflectamount" "0"     "$reflecttint" "[1 1 1]"    
  "$fresnelpower" "0"     "$minreflectivity" "0.8"   
 "$maxreflectivity" "1.0"         
 "$normalmap" "dev/flat_normal"   
   "$surfaceprop" "glass"     "$bumpframe" "0" } 

I didn’t even know lightmappedreflective was a shader"

If I create a simple plane and add that as vmt, would that give me a moveable mirror or is it going to cause problems?

oooooo boy

Well, those mirrors are horrible for FPS. I’ve done as much optimizing as I can, but I wouldn’t spawn more than two at a time.

Careful, don’t shitpost. That’s how you get permabanned.

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you all my new project.

That’s freakin’ beautiful!
Those shaders are neat,
Graphics look beautiful!
Keep up the amazing work, McDunkable.

By the way, have you managed to build a physics mesh?

I want to show off what I’ve been working on.

I’ve created a basic 3D model viewer (No shaders, no textures yet)
using Vulkan API. C++.

I’ve been trying to port map meshes into my engine, Great-X (for lack of a better name)

I’m glad people are still finding ways to make Garry’s mod amazing,
time and time again.

I hope I can inspire like how McDunkable inspires me.
(I made the terrain on the second row, left for this)

Vulkan is fuckin cool. I’ve been wanting to play around with it, but I keep getting distracted by other dumb projects.

render.RenderView had some serious changes in the pre-release branch (I assume you’re using it.) It’d be cool to know if anything performane related has changed and I guess you could, try the queued rendering too.

I made a little bomb defusal minigame thing

Looks great, what kind of gamemode is it for?

Also, what’s the font you’re using on the HUD?

My DayZ server - this is used in a global mission which occasionally appears; everyone can participate.

The font used in the gamemode is Cerbetica

If you don’t mind me asking, when will this gamemode be hosted and where? Looks great so far.

The gamemode is already up and running and being in somewhat constant development (I’m the only one working on it). I don’t really want to get banned for advertising or something, but you can find my website (where you’ll find more information about the server) below my avatar


I’m pretty sure if someone is asking a question like that, posting a link to the server/community website is perfectly fine.

This took like 2 hours to texture. I think it was worth it.

In the process I also made this:

I struggled with upscaling 512x512 normal maps to 2048x2048, but I think it turned out okay after a bit of wizardry.

Yes, I’ve been using pre-release for a while and I’m enjoying all of the changes.

As for render.RenderView, it’s definitely less intensive than before, but I still take about a 15-20 FPS hit. Of course, it could be something I’m doing, but I haven’t really revisited the code much.

Awesome! That gun made it look like that game isn’t Garry’s Mod. It looks like FA:S but if it is, I’ve never seen the material effect on it. I’ll be sure to join your servers sometime. I wonder if you could pick up the mine and place it somewhere else yourself, or maybe have it on a timer to make it harder for the player.

Anyways- I’ve been working on this gamemode for a while, it’s literally just a deathmatch gamemode, but instead of you dying when somebody depletes your health- you change to their team instead.

The way I do it is kind of shifty, I hook into PlayerDeath, and during a Think hook I check their last Angle/Position and just spawn them there, although I’m thinking of having some sort of fake health and instead of them taking damage normally, I’ll change it that way and when they ‘die’ they don’t actually die and literally just change teams.

What do you think?